Gansu province is building a highway that will greatly facilitate people’s travel and facilitate the development of resources along the route

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Gansu landform is complex, so the traffic construction difficulty and big point, gansu province, in order to be able to actively expand effective investment in transportation, power rapid development area, the traffic construction to spend a lot of material and financial resources supplement their transportation network construction, everything comes to him who waits, gansu’s transportation network is slowly into the fast track of development, to boost traffic board weaknesses,Jingli Highway, as an important part of the high-speed planning network in Gansu Province, has an important influence on the formation of the traffic pattern in Gansu province. Now this highway is in full swing in the construction of people along the line of high attention!Jingli Expressway is a major channel connecting Baiyin, Dingxi, Tianshui, Longnan counties and towns. After the opening of the whole line in the future, the regional channel capacity and quality of Gansu will be further improved.Way which is understood to be in jingtai county highway, water fountain, would, jingyuan, gan ditch yi, huining and nutrient-laden, door, in li county, longnan city, but because of the impact factors which high-speed silver piece, dingxi, tianshui, paragraphs are in the preparation stage, has not been implemented, only longnan in the construction of strong,According to the statistics, the amount of project completion in 2021 greatly exceeds the expected progress target of project investment, which means that the Longnan section will be opened to traffic with a big step forward.Longnan JingLi highway section implementation, improve the transportation conditions of li county, traffic short get through, let people will travel more convenient, optional, transportation, travel more, if you have a result, expanding domestic demand, to attract more businessmen to invest, to famous specialty polite county rhubarb, Chinese angelica, morels, persimmon wine, such as more sales channels,It can promote more people’s employment and boost rural revitalization. It is worth noting that it also increases the utilization of tourism resources along the line, promotes the development of cultural tourism and characteristic industries, so that gansu Qin Cultural Museum, Qishan Wuhou Shrine and Qin Western Mausoleum scenic spots in Li County are known by more and more people and have a better understanding of the charm of historical sites.In addition, to enhance the lixian traffic advantages in Longnan City, thus increasing the competitiveness of Lixian in Longnan City, at the same time to strengthen the integration of Lixian and surrounding traffic development, convenient and efficient traffic circle, will be able to drive Lixian has a new development, for this high-speed you have any ideas, welcome to leave a message to share praise!(Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)