For our children, for Chinese football in 20 years

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After seeing the news that China football team lost to Vietnam 1:3 on the first day of the New Year, I felt as calm as water.But when I saw the photos of sima nan, I knew that this Chinese football team had 5 players who had spent a lot of money to naturalize from Brazil.Love dearly what, love dearly this money to spend true injustice, injustice, injustice dou e injustice.1. The total salary of 5 naturalized players is 32,350,000 YUAN. 1.2. Fernando, $63 million;3. Luo Guofu, annual salary: RMB 43.35 million;4, Alan, annual salary of 25 million;5. Goulart, $107 million (not playing);The five naturalized players have a combined annual salary of 322.35 million yuan, accounting for 70.8 percent of the Chinese team’s total salary of 455 million yuan.Then, the $455 million China-Brazil naturalized team lost 3-1 to Vietnam purebreds (salary unknown, whether it is over the $55 million demand certificate), and their hopes of reaching the top 12 were dashed.Emotions are swirling online.All the emotional fluctuations caused by the Chinese team’s loss are those who have dreams and hopes, because even after losing, losing and losing the bottom line, they still have dreams and hopes for the China-men’s soccer team.So, after witnessing another loss, a loss, and a baseline loss, they feel sad, bitter, angry, and all sorts of emotions floating around online.But there are a lot of people like me who are calm about it. They even change the channel when they see the China-men’s soccer match and directly block it in their mind.For example, I didn’t know there was a match between Chinese men and football team on the first day of the Chinese New Year. If it wasn’t for these photos sent by Teacher Sima Nan, I would still feel calm when I saw the result.Don’t see don’t know, a look startled!Chinese men’s naturalized Football Team lost to Vietnam.The Chinese men’s naturalized football team beat Vietnam.Which is the good result?Which result should we be happy about?China’s men’s soccer team lost to Vietnam 3-1, following defeats to Syria in 2019 and To Iraq, which was too poor to buy soccer shoes before.Even if 70.8% of the total salary was used to naturalize five Brazilian players, the Chinese men’s football team was still eliminated in advance.From Asian first class, to second class, and that’s pure Chinese fighting.Until now, spending money to naturalize players and letting high-nosed, brown-skinned Brazilians change their Chinese surnames to play in teams has left them as third-rate, if not second-rate, Asian players.This fact shows: Chinese football team has been in decline for the last 30 years, or 20 years.Since the establishment of the Chinese football Association, since the start of the football league, Chinese football has been on the decline, until go to the bottom of Asia nowhere to go.Option 1: The Chinese men’s football team loses to Vietnam.The result was hard to accept, but it clearly told the nation what it has been saying for 30 years: that’s not how football is played.Option 2: The Chinese men’s football team beat Vietnam.The result, while momentarily happy, will only temporarily mask the decline of Chinese football: how dare you sell dog meat in public?A win bought by money is meaningless, let alone a defeat.Once the naturalized players put on the coat of Chinese men’s football team, but also win the ball, or score, it will only be the interest manipulation group naturalized addiction, thus leaving the problems of Chinese football for the future.It’s sad that the Chinese football team lost.But to understand the fact of losing, because it makes people think about the pain, it’s nice.China’s economy has been soaring, Chinese football has been falling three, Where is the road of Chinese football?China lost to Syria in 2019.I made a note that this outcome, while unexpected, was in fact inevitable.Because children in Syria can go from home to school, hobbies and sports are consistent, even in the war years, children have a place to play football.In China, even in Shenzhen, the pilot demonstration zone, or even in Futian District, the central district of Shenzhen, there is no such condition.Community kick afraid of broken glass, property driven away;Park kickball damage greening, was driven away by security guards;Road kick afraid of being hit by a car, traffic police stopped;The school courses closed on time, and there was a mountain of homework after class.In China, Shenzhen and Futian, children’s sports hobbies are fragmented, indirect and unsustainable.Children have missed the critical period of bone age growth when they integrate their hobbies into their soul. Even if it is difficult to cultivate outstanding athletes through professional training in the later period, this is the deep-rooted reason for the failure of Chinese football team, which has nothing to do with hiring world-class coaches for 20 million euros!Now there are five brazilians who pay 322.35 million a year to naturalize their tall noses and brown skin.How nice it would be to use $322.35 million to convert a bunch of basic football pitches, no need for “fancy” stadiums at all.All the kids need is a level field, and less grass is fine.Give the kids a place to kick a ball whenever they want.If so, how wonderful!Do you know 10?1. Do you know?A soccer match in Shenzhen costs more than 1,000 yuan to rent, and it is not easy to rent a field.2. Do you know?Government, school and work facilities are required to open to the public, but having a door means restriction, and the security guards at the gate can make this rule become a dead letter!Do you know?More than 300 people line up every day from 6 am to 11 PM to play on three table tennis tables in Shenzhen Litchi Park, which the public bought at their own cost in 2003.”How nice it would be if they were allowed to put an extra table in the park,” the fans said.Do you know?In the past 30 years, the population of Shenzhen has increased rapidly, and it has become a common phenomenon that people living in the same community, building and floor do not know each other and do not contact each other.Do you know?With the development of the Greater Bay Area strategy, the urban population of Guangdong and Shenzhen is likely to further increase, and the phenomenon of “strangers” in urban interpersonal communication is likely to intensify.Do you know?Running in the park, working out and pulling the horizontal bar, there is little interpersonal communication, and wechat is even more impossible.But as soon as they took off their clothes and played a game of ball with their bare arms, the two immediately became familiar.Promoting social competitive sports can promote cross-level and cross-cultural communication between people, promote interpersonal communication, and solve the problem of “trust alienation” between people in big cities.Do you know?”Support Shenzhen to become a pilot city in strengthening community movement” is a clear one of the central government’s “pioneering demonstration zone construction”!Do you know?Shenzhen is a green garden city with thousands of community parks.In the case of high tension of land resources, the development of community parks, the construction of open-air, simple, interactive, high participation sports facilities, including: football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, 䢍 is to promote the community sports pilot worthy of consideration!9. Do you know?A few table tennis tables, badminton courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts and soccer fields are placed inconspicuously in community parks with conditions, but in fact, the venues are placed beside the masses.Once you have a field, the birds fly in.Mass sports don’t need big, professional stadiums!Do you know?If Shenzhen can build 1000 public welfare football fields near the masses, and one stadium only needs to cultivate 50 children who can maintain consistent hobbies since childhood, it means that Shenzhen will cultivate 50,000 new forces for The Chinese football team 20 years later, and infuse the football soul into the blood and genes of 50,000 children.Some people will say, “You are talking nonsense. Shenzhen doesn’t have a single charity football stadium. How can we build 1,000 football stadiums at once?”You calculate: shenzhen has a total of 10 districts, each district has about 10 streets, each district has 100, each street has 10, how many?Shenzhen has a total population of 20 million, 20,000 people allocated to build a football stadium, is that much?”How can there be any spare space for a football stadium in Shenzhen with so much land?Think about it: Shenzhen has thousands of large and small parks or community parks, which are densely planted with all kinds of flowers, grass and trees. The small park has half a football field, the medium-sized park has 5 football fields, and the large park has 10 football fields. It is ok to plant fewer flowers and trees.Planting flowers and grass requires a huge amount of government money, but leveling a field requires a small amount of money. Which is more cost-effective?Think again: Shenzhen and its surrounding areas can be built into thousands of golf courses, is there no place to build a football field for children to play?If you have money to plant flowers and grass and plant trees here and there, you don’t have money to level a field?”Why are you talking about parks and greenery in Shenzhen when The Chinese men’s soccer team lost to Vietnam on The first day of the Chinese New Year?”Think about it: Shenzhen is the pilot demonstration area of the whole country. If the pilot demonstration is like this, how can the whole country still do?China men’s football team 11 people in the field, and hold up the six words: China – men – football, is the whole Of China’s hundreds of millions of children!A large city, even a public welfare stadium can not guarantee, how can we talk about victory, even if the victory won the world championship what is the meaning?It is not a matter of money or space, but a matter of perception.People do things that require huge amounts of money, things that can be done immediately, like building huge stadiums, like naturalizing soccer players, like over-greening cities.But we didn’t do things that didn’t cost a huge amount of money but took a long time to cultivate, like cutting back on some greenery and leveling a field for basic, public competitive sports facilities.I believe that one day, not to mention The Chinese men’s football team, shenzhen men’s football team can stand at the top of Asia.At that time, shenzhen men’s football team, our deep third generation, deep fourth generation, can represent China to fight!Money is called away, people are ridiculed, why bother!An appeal from a sports enthusiast: for the future of Chinese children, for the future of Chinese football, Chinese basketball, Chinese volleyball, Chinese badminton, Chinese table tennis, build basic competitive sports facilities around the masses, so that children can have free sports, free running, fierce competition and competition venues.Cut the huge salaries paid to football associations and footballers, and don’t foolishly naturalise high-nosed brown-skinned Brazilians, Africans, Europeans or even yellow-skinned Asians.Spend your money on the Chinese, spend it on the community, spend it on the children, and build basic competitive sports fields around the children.This is the future of competitive sports in China, including football!A naturalized player like that, even if he wins, is it fun?Say: What do you think of the Chinese men’s football team losing to Vietnam?How can you solve this problem?