Car length 4425mm, is this entrepreneurial assistant worth buying?Evaluate wuling Hongguang V

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With the booming development of the domestic automobile market, many models suddenly emerged, the most popular is the compact sedan market of THE SUV market.As many entrepreneurs, however, these models can’t meet your requirements, for the most part as the price is too high, practicality is low, so the wuling macro light became their thoughts of choice, now it also welcomed the arrival of the different models, today let’s look at the first paragraphs 2021 to 1.5 L hand DongJin version of wuling macro light V,Is this car suitable for entrepreneurs?In fact, outside design is not the main demand of consumers, but in this respect, manufacturers are more careful.The front features a large polygonal mesh and a black design, with a red logo at the top of the grille and four chrome-plated trim lines, which, while not very stylish, still gives a youthful look.Halogen headlights are placed on both sides of the grille. What makes people dissatisfied is not its design style, but its lighting brightness is relatively general, and the lighting effect at night can not meet the needs of some consumers.The body is still very ordinary design style, style no sense of fashion at all, after all, it is small business use, most consumers do not care about the design.Mainly in terms of space size, the body size of this car is 4425/1670/1860mm, and the wheelbase is 2850mm. Because the length of the front can be basically ignored, its internal space performance is much stronger than most family SUVs, and its practicality is greatly improved.The rear of the car is very generic, which also reflects its down-to-earth style, but the hatchback opens the rear of the car to bring greater practicality, and the opening is very large, usually put some items in the back of the car, can be easily completed.Interior or the continuation of the past simple sense, style is no feature, function is also basic function, many young entrepreneurs for also said that “there is space is already very satisfied”, in fact too much configuration for entrepreneurs is not big, leather durable is the most they need.Next comes the powertrain part. The engine of this car is a 1.5-L naturally aspirated engine, which does not need to be considered at all in terms of power. The maximum power of 73kW cannot achieve performance, and the maximum torque is 140N·m, and the parameters are only practical.However, it should be mentioned here that the manufacturer adjusted the maximum torque speed to 3400-4400 RPM, perhaps considering that consumers might pull the goods. The main purpose of this move is to give the engine the maximum torque earlier, which can make the start faster and the uphill load is not too slow.This move has also been agreed by many consumers.Let me summarize the overall performance of this car. The design is not the focus, after all, this car is facing different fields.The power aspect is also completely enough, although it is inevitable that there will be a lack of power, but after the adjustment, its low twist performance is still quite good.As a means of transportation for entrepreneurship, although many places are relatively cheap, generally speaking, it is more suitable for the early stage of entrepreneurship.What do you think about that?