Black Shark 5 Pro, Snapdragon 8 Gen1+144Hz+120W, available in 16+512G version

2022-05-31 0 By

Now, the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have tentacles into the game phone market, brand effect and channel advantages are comparable to non-traditional game phone manufacturers, leaving the latter market space is bound to be more narrow.In the face of market challenges, the track leader Black Shark still choose to deeply plow game experience, do the strongest e-sports flagship machine.This kind of near-isolation from the market must have something more visceral than market interest, and the answer at the launch was the “All For Gamers” brand philosophy, a brand idealism that fits well with the black Shark startup identity and the inherent geeky ethos of the ultimate gaming phone maker.It is precisely because of this focus that each generation of Black Shark products has been able to upgrade the game scene experience with more extreme and better than the mainstream mobile manufacturers with limited resources.The most intuitive example is that under the situation of snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship launched by major manufacturers, Black Shark 5 Pro is a model with the most full performance release among all these flagships.With a 30-minute average frame rate of nearly 60 frames, the Black Shark 5 Pro performs better than any major flagship that spends a lot of money on marketing itself as a dragon trainer.Of course, black Shark’s original anti-gravity dual-VC cooling system and SSD disk array 2.0 storage play a key role.This is not to say that mainstream smartphone manufacturers are not capable of such innovation, but it is inevitable that part of the game experience will be sacrificed in the choice of product definition, whereas black Shark’s focus allows it to do so freely.Supported by the anti-gravity dual-VC liquid cooling system, Black Shark 5 Pro has become the snapdragon 8 Gen 1 model with the best game performance, and the game experience is really excellent.Speaking of the experience advantages of Black Shark 5 Pro in game scenarios, in addition to better performance scheduling, there are also some traditional skills that mainstream manufacturers are difficult to have at the same time, such as dual magnetic power solid shoulder keys, dual zone screen pressure sense, 720Hz touch detection point rate, 144H Z high brush OLED flexible straight screen, black Shark 5 Pro also declined.Despite the extreme gaming experience, the Black Shark 5 Pro is a worthy flagship by the standards of a regular workhorse.The excellent performance release itself is a plus in the everyday experience, and it comes with features such as the master full-symmetric dual speakers with sound quality that ranked first in the DxO.Black Shark 5 Pro is also powerful in battery life and fast charging, especially in charging speed, equipped with 120W wired high and fast charging, less than 24 minutes can be 4650mAh battery full, and the whole charging process, the battery can ensure a relatively low temperature, even while playing games while charging, black Shark 5 Pro will not be very hot.As a mainstream flagship in 2022, the Black Shark 5 Pro has no shortcomings in the image system, with 100 million large pixel professional-grade image lens, 13 million ultra wide Angle camera and 5 million telephoto macro lens, which can also present professional-grade image quality in shooting, enough to meet the needs of daily shooting.The Black Shark 5 Pro also comes with up to 16GB+512GB of large storage options.Overall, the Black Shark 5 Pro is pretty good, and with its tough but finally unexceptional design, it’s also an all-around bucket flagship when you’re not playing games, with a decent starting price of 4,199 yuan.