Xie Hui is a versatile midfielder, but who will organize the attack?Don’t play the dalian youth storm to death

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Whether or not dalian fans welcome 31-year-old Fei Yu, he is also likely to join dalian.After all, he is the former Nantong zhiyun midfield, with Xie Hui have a happy cooperation, Xie Hui hands have his instruction manual, to dalian people trial, must be the generals two people through the phone in advance, this is just a “face project”, do not pass the trial!Dalian team has been reduced to a, but also can “picky”?Dalian fans for Fei Yu to join dalian, different views.Fans who do not support Fei Yu to join Dalian people think that he is mainly playing in The First team after all, and his ability level is enough in the first team. Zhu Jiaxuan and Cui Mingan can also be used in the first team. They are younger than Fei Yu and more interesting to exercise for a year.The fans who support Fei Yu to join dalian believe that the Dalian team should now see themselves clearly, it is already a middle team, Fei Yu can play the back of the field, but also competent in the midfield, front midfield, side midfield, is a versatile midfielder.Xie Hui hopes to introduce Fei Yu, is nothing more than understanding and trust.Fei Yu is older, but he has rich experience in the Chinese Super League. He has the rhythm of the Chinese Super League and the rhythm of the Chinese Super League.Moreover, Xie Hui does not have his own “circle” in Dalian, but also has his own legitimate players to work for him.Fei Yu played 25 times for Nantong Zhiyun last season, contributing 4 goals and 4 assists. As a midfield player, such a figure can be regarded as impressive. Fei Yu was the absolute main force of Nantong Zhiyun under the administration of Xie Hui.Dalian midfielder, midfield, midfield, striker and other positions have shortcomings, the club openly recruit striker and midfield, is not afraid to make the shortcomings public.Last season zhao Xuri was the captain, age is the biggest problem, Cui Mingan organized the attack, Wu Wei is mainly defensive, Zhu Jiaxuan has not been kicked out.How much help can Fei Yu give dalian people?In the double backsides of Nantong Zhiyun team, Fei Yu mainly tends to be an organizational backside and is also the taker of corner kicks, free kicks and even penalty kicks.Xie Hui is a versatile midfielder, but dalian attack who to organize?If Larson leaves the team, it’s not easy.Cho scored one goal in 20 appearances last season, while Choi myung-an contributed one assist in 20 appearances.The two offensive data is not as good as Fei Yu.Chui myung an’s performance at times is not consistent with the organization of the defensive midfielder, passing and receiving errors, poor resistance, the occasional long shot quality also declined.Fei Yu foot strength is strong, often wonderful world wave, but the midfield organization ability is general!Without Larson, the organization would have depended on Zheng Long or Lin Liangming.Lin Liangming, Tong Lei, Tao Qianglong, Li Shuai are interested in other teams, it is best to stay.Otherwise dalian domestic players take too little.Dalian people so-called “youth storm”, to carry out in the end, not because of demotion in the first, play no!So, boss Wang 4 years hit out of real money and silver, really is too pity.Boss Wang injected three seasons of operating expenses, Dalian team to cherish!