What are the requirements for a student visa in Korea

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Students who intend to participate in the Korean language study program for more than one month must obtain the corresponding visa (D-4) or short-term comprehensive visa (C-3) according to their time of training in the United States and language expression.When applying for a visa, different materials to be submitted in our country are different, please apply for the first time to the residence of the Korean international residence to determine.For Korean or Korean-american applicants who can enter the United States without a visa, or who already have a visa (D-2 visa of Hanyang University, F visa, etc.) that allows language expression training, language expression training can be conducted without changing the visa application.The difference between short-term visa application (C-3-1) language Training visa application (D-4-1) visa-free entry goal: Students who are more than one semester (one month) students who are more than two academic years (six months) students from visa-free countries or those from Korea who can stay in Seoul for 90 days without a visa cannot increase the duration of their stayStay for 90 days – a period of 6 months is granted upon application for registration,In the future, we must increase the duration of visa application every three months – more than 2 years in China, the duration is not the same (refer to the website for detailed content) FAQ – Can not be sold standard admission approval letter – Language expression training training visa application (D-4-1),※ Tourism (C-3-2, C-3-9) Visa management can not be changed into language Training visa management – According to the attendance rate of students, decision whether to extend the visa (standard attendance rate of extended visa:70%) Students without visa need to change their visa to LANGUAGE expression training visa d-4 if they carry out language expression training again after 90 days;Whether the visa can be removed or changed in Seoul should be determined in advance;Depending on the situation, students can re-enter the customs after leaving the country or apply for visas in their home country. Other details about visa processing can be determined in detail on the website of the Korean Immigration Administration Center (www.hikorea.go.kr).To learn more