Want to “raise essence” male, might as well often eat these things, or conduce to enhance improve fertility

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With the growth of age, the body will slowly aging, if you do not pay attention to the health maintenance of the body, easy to cause the body aging speed, and even the decline of sperm quality.If male friends want to raise sperm, some “sperm injury behavior” to avoid, usually pay attention to dietary problems, through reasonable sperm can maintain a healthy state of health, while improving male fertility.There are many activities in life that can damage the health of men’s sperm. If men stay up late for a long time, it may affect the quality of sperm.Because the body burden under the condition of staying up late increases, the normal physiological function can not be maintained in time, it may lead to sperm generation is obstructed, thus reducing the quality of sperm, therefore, men should pay attention to sleep rehabilitation, adequate sleep at ordinary times.Sedentary inactivity now many young men and women will work in the office building, sitting down is 8-10 hours a day, the body will rarely have the opportunity to move, sedentary inactivity, long time down will affect the lower body blood circulation, serious will also affect the quality of men’s sperm.Since we can’t change our work, we should get up and walk around at least every 1-2 hours for our health.Now many people like to eat some spicy or raw and cold food, feel the food to taste, but in fact these foods will irritate the stomach, but also have a serious impact on the body.Some people like to eat fried or greasy food, which will burden the body, cause fat accumulation, and affect the quality of sperm.Smoking and drinking are the habits of many men in life. Most men often smoke and drink in order to relieve fatigue and release pressure.But often smoking and drinking, will be harmful to health, it will lead to a large number of toxins and garbage in the body deposition, not only will affect the health of the body, but also affect the quality of men’s sperm, and many men do not admit this, still go their own way.02 wants to “better” male, might as well eat these things, can increase increases the chances of conception 1, oyster men want reasonable supplement nutrients, life need to eat more oysters, oyster as a common kind of seafood, its nutritional value is high, for men to appear kidney empty, the symptom such as sexual function decline in both have certain adjustment.At this time, after eating some oysters appropriately, you can supplement the protein, trace elements, minerals, amino acids and so on contained in them. These nutrients can nourish the body and complement the kidney qi. After the male qi is sufficient, the body will be healthier.2, pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds are small, but the effect is very large, pumpkin seeds zinc content is very rich, and zinc for sperm generation, regeneration and maturity have good promotion benefits, can be called “catalyst”.So if the male can reasonably eat pumpkin seeds, zinc elements in the body can be very good supplement, with the “catalyst”, the quality of nature can be maintained at a higher level.3, beef if men want to improve the quality of sperm, should start from the diet, adhere to a reasonable diet can maintain a healthy state of the body, generally want to promote the health of sperm can be appropriate to eat beef, beef is high protein food, and protein is also an important part of semen.If the body is deficient in protein, it is easy to lose its resistance.Therefore, if men want to maintain a healthy state of the body and effectively improve the quality of sperm, they can properly eat beef to regulate the body.4, tomato tomatoes which contains rich vitamin C can achieve the effect of beauty, is the favorite of many female friends, especially female friends during weight loss often put tomatoes as fruit.In fact, tomatoes are also protective umbrella for male friends. Tomatoes have very strong antioxidants, which can protect the health of prostate, but also reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Male friends can improve sperm vitality if they eat more tomatoes during pregnancy.5, black beans Chinese medicine believes that the five colors into the five zang organs, black into the kidney, so do not want to seek too fast loss of sex hormones, often put black beans or black bean products on the table, may be able to improve the function and vitality of the kidney.Kidney function is normal, more conducive to promoting male hormone secretion and synthesis, but also can reduce the burden of the male body, can supplement other nutrients for the body.Advice to everyone: pregnancy is a matter of two people, whether men or women do not be too nervous, at ordinary times to change their bad life, eating habits to eat more food conducive to improving the quality of sperm, or can improve the probability of pregnancy.