“The Rest of My Life” premiere ratings champion, for Yang Zi xiao battle in recent years, douban all praise

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After two years of waiting for the premiere of “Please Tell me More about the Rest of my Life” starring Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan, fans of the show finally came online this spring.From the premiere situation, “the rest of my life” premiere ratings champion, for Yang Zi xiao war in recent years the best, douban praise!”The Rest of my Life” tells the story of the school of Lin used to be carefree, but because her father is seriously ill and give up her job and her boyfriend.With the collapse of life, the original thought is a mess, but did not want to meet a young, excellent attending doctor Gu Wei.2 people cure each other, each other is warm, after experiencing misunderstanding and destiny fetter, just understand the other side is the person that oneself rest of life should wait for originally.The play since hunan TV online, ratings all the way bullish, jumped for the provincial TV ratings first.In addition to the popularity of the original novel itself, which has attracted many fans, many audiences are also attracted to the national influence of Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan.The two leading roles are both top-notch actors. Although there are not many works in recent years, their interpretation of the roles is impressive.As in the rest of my Life, the role of Gu Wei is, quite literally, the gentlest role that Xiao Zhan has played since his debut.Gu Wei is introverted and kind, and has a compassionate heart for patients. It is his friendliness and compassion to his profession and others that attracts the attention of Lin School.It can be said that Xiao Zhan has a very accurate grasp of the role, which is a profound restoration of the original work.In Yang Zi’s case, she is not as good as the post-90s actresses.For the role in place, from ancient costume to modern, Yang Zi’s performance is still very stable.From the output of works, Yang Zi’s works in recent years broadcast not much, by contrast, Lin Zhi school is one of her recent years and a representative role.Apart from the two leading actors, The Rest of My Life is a modern drama with a decent texture, as it can be praised for its supporting acting, dressing down, original work, and background music.Given the short duration of the show, which can be completed in two weeks, there’s a sense that there’s not enough to watch.Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan one horse, as expected the influence of double top flow is to focus attention on.In addition to viewing results long, the drama douban word of mouth is also universally praised.We have noticed that in addition to the fans of the two leading actors, there are also many voices with good reputation.From the original trailer broke 100 million, to the twists and turns after more than two years finally ushered in the premiere, it can be seen that the audience for the show has been expecting.The two leading actors are a surprise, with Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi acting the best of Gu Wei and Lin Zhi School.In particular, the pair of two people appear to be very interesting, whether it is a strange encounter, or romantic turn around, give a person a sense of predestined relationship to meet thousands of miles.The premiere of the word of mouth can not bear, with the further fermentation of the plot, I believe that will usher in better results, look forward to “the rest of my life for advice” the next story, let us sit and wait for Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan two actors wonderful interpretation.