Thanks to the ice and snow craze, Ruffians shoot ski blockbusters, covered with muscles and good body charm!

2022-05-30 0 By

Nowadays, there is a craze of ice and snow all over the country. Many people are eager for the champion idol, and many people are also addicted to the ice and snow.Plankton, a fitness expert and fashion blogger, rode the craze to northeast China with his friends to stage his own ice and snow carnival in Jilin province, using a snow resort as a show to shoot a ski movie, with his muscles all over his body, his body glamorous and his aura dazzling.Because I like to work out at ordinary times, I have always maintained a good figure. I have a talent for sports, so I am so enthusiastic about ice and snow.Although usually slippery not much, but on the board like a duck to water, feel very smooth.Indeed, especially the boys who love sports, can play all kinds of sports, probably sports are interlinked, as long as you master the trick, you can do it.At the ski resort, he just felt cool, partly because he was wearing his ski suit, but also because he was actually standing in the snow, as if he were standing in a show, accidentally showing off his strength.For him, a good figure is a plus, no matter what clothes he wears, how to mix and match, people feel carefree and confident.Of course, usually not only fitness, there are more love.I used to work intensely on the pitch for hours every day at school.Now with elder brothers are about once a week basketball, everybody is very cherish this basketball party once a week, actually already is not merely to sweat, elder brother several intense work in the busy life for itself to a “formatting” once a week, empty stress and negative emotions, let us more actively in the face of life and work pressure, this is the sports bring us.Now to the ski resort, in fact, and the feeling of the course is similar, is to let oneself full of confidence, must master a variety of skills, of course, the courage is the key, dare to challenge themselves, and constantly break through their own, will slide out of their elegant style.Sometimes I can hardly believe that it is so smooth. It can be seen that the usual training and sports play a crucial role.Having the help of good friends really doubles the pleasure of exercising.Sometimes, sports on the road, a person is too lonely, if someone to accompany, encourage each other, even in the playground to cheer each other up.Seems to be more confident than a person, the usual fitness is the same, good fitness partner, really make the training effect twice the result with half the effort, I don’t know, you in life, have not met such a good partner.Already past the age of fighting strength with others, carving figure is a fine work, fighting is control, fighting is stable, fighting is accurate.It’s the same in the gym, the same on the training ground, the same on the ice and snow field. This is a challenging event in itself, playing control and stability. I hope I can stay here for a few more days and play as many as I can.Do you like your muscular little brother?