People who help you, you’d better not return the favor with gifts

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The ancients said, “If you give me wooden peaches, you will receive qiongyao in return.”When dealing with people, we should understand the principle of reciprocity.If take others’ good, take for granted, the feeling is lost.The pace of life is fast, we have a meal together, feel particularly troublesome, therefore, gift has become the first choice, convenient and quick.”Everything is adapted to local conditions,” for those who help you, gifts are not appropriate, will inevitably be disliked.02 The boss helps you, gift is better than “action”.In the workplace, if you have a manager who appreciates you, you will be more likely to be promoted or raised, and you will be more likely to be recognized in the organization.If your boss moves you to a more important position, you should be grateful.A lot of people, after getting the “benefit” of the leader, carry big bags to the leader’s home, or directly put in the leader’s office.Although it is a good intention, but there is the suspicion of “buying”, more terrible is, after being known by colleagues, will spread some gossip.Let’s say you walk into your boss’s office with a bag of local specialties.The boss will frown because there is no place to “hide” and things will be especially awkward if other colleagues are present.Understand that when your leader helps you, he is helping himself — he needs a “wife.”You work hard, and use good results to repay the leadership, the kindness between each other, even.If you are higher than the leader in the future, you can become his grandees.When an employee treats and presents presents but does not work hard, the leader will lose face.He would feel that the person who was being used was actually a hypocritical ordinary person.03 Brother and sister help you, gift is “outside”.It is said in the “Vegetable Root Tan” : “If the giver is virtuous and the recipient is benevolent, they will be passers-by and become a city road.”The feelings of brothers and sisters are true feelings and are closely linked.No matter who is in trouble, you deserve help, if you must be grateful, then be good and make your little family richer.There are some people, got the help of brother and sister, and then carry a gift to thank you, but also send a small red envelope, to show their sincerity.In fact, such behavior is to buy and sell feelings as “commodities”.For example, when the elder sister’s child goes to college, the younger brother gives a red envelope of 1,000 yuan and borroys 10,000 yuan.After two years, the younger brother’s family built a new house, and the elder sister had to send a red envelope of 1,000 yuan, and promptly returned the 10,000 yuan.Such behavior is clearly “too balanced.”In a big, happy family, brothers and sisters will come and go throughout their lives. They do not care about money or wealth.An ancient Chinese saying goes, “Brothers and sisters are like brothers and sisters.”It is to tell us that no matter who has the money, it is their “left hand” or “right hand”.The coming days will be long, emotional debt, to pay slowly, do not deliberately use gifts to show good.Friends help you, gifts may “break a friendship”.One of my classmates continents, after years of struggle, their own opened a small factory.Once, a few friends in the continent could not find a job for a while, so they worked in a small factory for a few months.Although the salary is not high, but let friends feel warm and friendly.One of my friends had a father who was a fisherman.When he left the factory, he asked his father to send more than 50 jin of small fish from home.The continent received the gift gladly.But as soon as I turned around, I began to complain — all fresh fish, if not handled in time, will stink;If we deal with it in time, who has time?Who knows how to handle it?There is a phrase called “timely rain”.In other words, you give people what they need.That way, your gift will be especially valuable.If you give a gift, inappropriate, is not the need of others, but will be disliked, and even bring trouble to the lives of others.What’s more, you don’t know what the other person needs, so giving gifts at random is “wishful thinking.”For example, if you give your friend two boxes of peaches when he already has several boxes in his house, he will not be able to laugh or cry.To understand, ordinary friends, is to create income together;A best friend is a great help in times of need.Put away your gifts and do something down-to-earth.Some people regard friendship as “emotional card”.Friends help once, you give a gift once, emotional card is used up, after the two do not owe, their well-being.This ending is not very good, it is better to leave the emotional card, when there is a need in the future, just take it out.05 Parents help you, gifts are better than “accompany”.One’s life is doomed to owe one’s parents.If you want to appreciate your parents, don’t give them too many gifts, but spend more time with them.The more expensive the gift, the less useful it is.For example, you buy thousands of yuan a piece of clothes for parents, they are not willing to wear, has been pressed at the bottom of the box;When you give money to your parents, they don’t want to use it. Instead, they save it and it comes back to you.For adults, being able to go home and have dinner with your parents on holidays, traveling with your parents on holidays, and calling them every once in a while to say hello is the best reward.When you leave your parents’ home, they put delicious things, all give you, you can be happy to accept, will let parents “satisfied”.One family, not two.If you rely on gift giving to maintain your relationship, it becomes “measuring your relationship by money.”06 as the saying goes: “thousands of miles to send goose feather, ritual light feeling heavy.”The value of a gift lies in the emotion involved.Not how much the gift itself is worth.And the way to give gifts is not just to drop in with bags;It’s not a big red envelope.In this life, the real circle of contacts is not very large. Apart from their family members, they are just a few friends, good leaders and good colleagues that come across once in a while.When you want to return the favor or something, you try to increase your own value and see what the other person needs.If you must give gifts, “allocate and communicate according to your needs” and don’t obsess over the price of the gift.As you become more valuable to yourself, those who treat you well will treat you better, because you are also profitable and heartwarming.Author: Cloth clothes coarse food.Pay attention to my words, into your heart.The illustrations are from the Internet.