My son helped me persuade my friend to let him practice calligraphy

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Wang Guiquan, principal of Zhaohe Third Primary School in Fangcheng County, is a member of Nanyang Hard pen Calligraphy Association.In order to improve students’ writing ability, he sacrificed his winter vacation to report the activity of “public welfare standard writing new character group”, one group for each grade from grade 1 to grade 6 in primary school.Every day to the group inside the first four words of the word, and then sent his handwriting video, let students see the word first, see the structure of the word space, and then look at the video after writing, after writing submitted to the group, each group has a teacher management, two days do not hand in the operator, please out of the group.Very standard.The public welfare calligraphy group built by President Wang is the treasure of the Chinese nation. Writing good Chinese characters is very important for every student, especially for students’ exam results.I think it is a very rare good thing for myself and my children, so I quickly swept the code into the fifth grade and the second grade group without hesitation.The fifth grade public welfare calligraphy group then successfully introduced to the students and close relatives and friends with children. They all said it was timely, and after Thanksgiving, they entered the group.Second grade public welfare calligraphy group but said to a friend, she said that children do not necessarily practice, children are not interested in what.I said she could let the child have a try, but she did not know whether she was too disappointed with the child, or did not have time to supervise the child, afraid that the child took the opportunity to play with the phone, has refused politely.I was about to give up persuasion when my son answered the phone: “Mom, let me talk.”I gave him the number, and what he said struck me as witty.”Aunt, you can first let my brother try, yesterday my mother pulled me into the group of time also did not say to me, but last night I and my mother are practicing, I practice with addiction, you can also let brother try.Praise him when he writes, and he will.”The sister took the child’s advice and soon joined the writing group.I felt my son grow up.I gave him a thumbs up for “telling the truth.”The child shyly asked what was the “appearance theory”, I said: “You just use yourself unknowingly was I forced into the group, a little reluctant, and then in my company to practice the word addiction.Use this to convince aunt let brother practice calligraphy, you use your own example to convince others this is the appearance of the statement.”In life and work, people skillfully use this method to persuade others to get twice the result with half the effort.Then I told him about Sun Quan’s way of persuading Lv Meng to study in Sun Quan’s Exhortation to Learn: At first, Sun Quan said to Lv Meng, when you are in charge of government affairs today, you must not fail to study.Lv Meng excused himself by saying that he had many affairs in the army.Sun Quan asked him if he had more business than himself. He often read books and thought it was of great benefit.Unable to refute this, Lv Meng began to study.Later, Lu Meng’s talents and strategies were recognized and appreciated by Lu Su.Sun Quan is using the “appearance theory.”Your son may not remember the story very well, but he will remember the beauty of the present story.It will be used flexibly in the future.Ancient sun Quan appeared to persuade Lv Meng to learn, now there is a son appeared to persuade aunt let brother practice calligraphy.It’s nice!This article is originally published, the first few pictures from the actual, the last three from the network, if there is infringement contact delete.Welcome to forward the message, thank you for your likes