Mother did not return late at night, Yueyang 11-year-old girl left a note, behind the truth to see cry

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“Mother, I have gone to my uncle’s house, I have washed the clothes, please remember to hang them up, I have taken the key, uncle to send me tomorrow, you don’t have to worry!Love your daughter “recently, Miluo City CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention deputy director Li Qinghua daughter this note in the circle of friends behind the story, tears…..The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion, but for the epidemic prevention workers, there is no pause.On the second day of the first lunar month, Miluo city epidemic prevention and control headquarters received shenzhen, Guangdong province personnel to help investigation letter, there are 2 returned from Shenzhen Mic-personnel need to investigate and verify.After learning, under the unified command and dispatch of the headquarters, Li Qinghua immediately commanded the emergency mobile team to arrive at the home of the relevant personnel for flow adjustment, sampling, elimination and other work.From day to night, Li Qinghua’s 11-year-old daughter waited at home alone for her mother to return.Late at night, the little girl felt even more lonely and scared, so she called her mother to ask when she would be back.Li Qinghua could not confirm when to go home. Considering that it was too late for his daughter to stay at home alone, he asked the child’s uncle to pick her up.After all the work was done, Li Qinghua returned home at 2 o ‘clock in the morning. When she saw the small letter paper pasted on the door by her daughter, she felt both moved and guilty.In the circle of friends, Li Qinghua wrote: “the Spring Festival holiday for us and weekdays, as usual, busy day and night, remember that year two days before I still snowing in the countryside, leaving only one person at home, she had successfully made two meals, so sad for niang surprise, that I held 11 years of small cotton-padded jacket, now really grown up.”In the front line of epidemic prevention, similar stories are happening all the time. Behind every staff member, there are family members who are concerned about them. These heroes are children, parents, or lovers of others.Source: Yueyang Evening News all media integrated palm Miluo, Rednet