Lianyungang Mobile Ganyu Branch to escort the Spring Festival travel “home road”

2022-05-30 0 By

With the Spring Festival approaching, the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush has also begun. Lianyungang Mobile Ganyu Branch continues to carry out the series of “Warm Home Road” guarantee activities. With the most reliable and safest network and the warmest and most considerate service, it will do its best to create a smooth, safe and warm Spring Festival travel rush for users.With the arrival of the peak season of returning home, the network demand of major high-speed railway stations, bus stations, expressway service areas and expressway intersections also increases rapidly.To ensure normal operation during the Spring Festival transportation flow peak area network, mobile GanYu lianyungang branch first start travel network security solutions, evaluation to the capacity from the network optimization, monitoring to the site security from the background, “party shock brigade” focus on high-speed rail, bus station, high-speed intersection, service and other important transport hub to optimize network testing and ensure the passenger communication network is smooth.We will focus on optimizing and expanding the number of entrances and exits of railway stations and high-speed railway stations to ensure that passengers pass THROUGH 5G thermal imaging and temperature monitoring in an orderly and rapid manner.Background support personnel carry out on-site inspection of network equipment in key machine rooms, carefully inspect every corner of the machine room, rectify security risks, and ensure the smooth operation of mobile broadband network.Reunion on the road, we “move” the road together.The smooth network makes the tired journey no longer lonely, makes the journey home always online, so that every traveler who is about to arrive home can say “safe” to his family at the first time.Prevention and control of the epidemic, escorting the Start of the Ping An Road Spring Festival travel rush, the large flow of people, the epidemic prevention and control work of higher and stricter requirements.As the main force of local informatization, Lianyungang Mobile Ganyu Branch takes the initiative to fulfill its mission and strictly guards the “first step” of epidemic prevention and control by means of informatization.5G thermal imaging is installed at the entrance of each station to achieve non-contact temperature detection in and out of the station.In order to strengthen the information management of people coming to Jiangxi, the “epidemic prevention and control access management platform” has been developed. The checkpoint staff can automatically register the information of people by taking photos of their ID cards, record the visiting place and the visiting place, and automatically remind the historical records of visitors. The background can collect relevant data and timely control the people who need to be isolated.Effectively improve users’ ability of information collection, perception and prevention and control for vehicles passing through risk areas.For the access management of community and community personnel, free cloud home small program is provided to realize residents’ health registration, e-coupon management and visitor registration management.For the high-speed development of “small program registration of return epidemic prevention”, passengers in addition to the normal scanning Su Kang code, code also need to scan a trip registration code, where he came from, where are going to register, according to the facts to solve problem such as manual registration information is not complete, omission error, improve the efficiency of passengers screening and registration.Construct platform for bus “wisdom”, every bus with “access code”, get on the bus passengers before sweeping code automatic registration on location, accurate statistics to travel path, at the same time of the bus of normalized operation of vehicle monitoring and positioning equipment of intelligent docking with real-time online “see clearly” public transport vehicle running status.As the Spring Festival approaches, the number of people returning home continues to increase, and bus stations and high-speed railway stations have become important gateways for epidemic prevention and control.The “Moving Family” Party and League Member volunteers organized a series of volunteer activities called “Delivering mobile Love warm Way home”.”Aunt, tickets need to queue, I teach you how to buy tickets online”, “The New Year is coming, pay attention not to let you transfer money and so on the phone and text messages”, “uncle, masks need to take good”……Despite the cold weather, volunteers of the “Family Migration” Party and League members go to the front lines of the Spring Festival travel rush to provide guidance, communication fraud prevention, epidemic prevention tips, help on and off buses, route consultation and other volunteer services. They also give travelers “warm gift packages” including couplets, masks, disinfectant wipes and calendars.With practical actions, we provide warm, friendly, orderly and convenient safe travel volunteer services for the masses of people returning to their hometowns, and warm their way home with careful and thoughtful services.(Wang Ting Zhuang Yan)