Li Xiaopeng fan’s servant!Half of the first men in their new positions have lost their martial arts, but the two legitimate ones have turned out to be sinners

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Li Xiaopeng made his national football team debut, losing 2-0 to Japan. The result was not surprising.However, from the point of view of the match, what really surprised people was li Xiaopeng’s choice of personnel: from playing the back four, to many of the starting players were guest new positions, which led to half of the national football team could not show their own characteristics, and finally lost.Q: Why not the national football team five back?From the pre-match training came to the news, the National football team should be rehearsed five back, to deal with the attack of the Japanese team.From the starting lineup, The National football Team is fully equipped to play the conditions of the back five, Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao, Zheng Zheng, Jiang Guangtai and Zhu Chenjie, the back five of the combination of their respective roles.But unexpectedly, Li Xiaopeng used these players, but did not let them play five back, but played four back, Zhu Chenjie and Jiang Guangtai in the middle of the back, Zhang Linpeng on the right side, left to Zheng Zheng, Wang Shenchao to play the back.It was the same five, and it turned out badly.Zheng, in particular, was the team’s worst performer, struggling to concentrate on the left flank, and he was responsible for both goals: the first, when his opponent formed a breakaway cross in his zone, and the second, when his opponent jumped in front of him and headed in the goal.Moreover, zheng zheng on the left side has no ability to assist, can only blindly destroy bigfoot.And Wang Shanchao at the back of the position, in addition to the defense also had no effect, leading to the National football team’s midfield completely organized.To be fair, Japan’s right-sided attack was very sharp, and China should have been prepared for it, but using Zheng zheng at left back was a failure, after all, Zheng zheng has been a central defender for Taishan.Moreover, in the later period of Li Tie’s coaching, The National football team has some experience in playing five back guards. Li Xiaopeng also practiced for a long time in the training, but finally decided to play four back guards, which is inexplicable.Q: why half of the main force are not familiar with the position?Zheng zheng and Wang Shanchao’s poor performance, the biggest responsibility or Li Xiaopeng.After all, zheng Zheng and Wang Shanchao are not familiar positions, but new ones. In domestic competitions, they may be able to play in a new position. Faced with such a strong enemy as Japan, the problem of their limited ability will be magnified to an infinite extent.In addition to Zheng and Wang, two midfield standouts, Hao Junmin and Xu Xin, also fared poorly.In the previous practice, Hao junmin had been paired with Xu Xin in the backcourt, but in this match, Wang Shanchao was used in the backcourt, while Hao Junmin and Xu xin were separated on opposite sides. As a result, the two men completely lost contact and the tacit understanding they had built in the training.On both sides of Xiao Junmin and Xu Xin, are unable to find the feeling: Xiao Junmin has not played the side for a long time, in the side at a loss, several times failed to break through;And Xu Xin is good at large-scale transfer scheduling, also can not play a role.In this regard, the famous journalist Xu Jiang commented that the national football team may be the best in China, but there are five players who are not good at their positions.In terms of performance, Zheng Zheng, Wang Shenchao, Hao Junmin and Xu Xin must be the four of them. The other one should be Wu Lei, who plays right halfback, whose weakness of ball ability is magnified. He dare not take the ball and can only defend blindly, resulting in mediocre performance.It is doubtful that Zheng Zheng and Hao Junmin are familiar with li Xiaopeng’s team members, who can be called a disciple. When they arrived on the field, they went to a new position, but they made a fool of themselves. Don’t Li Xiaopeng understand their technical characteristics?Three ask: why dare not use new appointee?From this game, the performance of the national football team better several players, almost are new.In the first half, Zhu chenjie and Zhang Yuning both looked confident, and in the second half, Wei Shihao and Dai Waijun both showed strong impact.Li Xiaopeng’s original intention, should be the first game or steady, first do a good job of defense.But the problem is that these old players are experienced, but in the face of the Japanese team before, has been out of the shadow, dare not do action on the field, dare not play, always want to play the safety ball, but these young players, there is no psychological burden on the field, let go to show their own, the effect is more obvious.In fact, in the pre-match training, Li Xiaopeng has tested liu Yang, Dai Weijun, Deng Hanwen and other newcomers, but in the official competition, he still dare not let go, too stable.To be fair, these so-called young players, in fact, not young, should be called the Mesozoic era, in addition to Zhu Chenjie, the rest of the above 25 years old, should take up the main pillars, li Xiaopeng dare not give them a chance.