From face to face to screen employment services in your hands

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Since 2022, Jinchang Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has adhered to the employment service concept of “vertical to the bottom, horizontal to the edge”, promoted the employment service model of “municipal employment supermarket + community township employment station + labor market + employment platform”, and comprehensively implemented the employment information collection statistics method of “employment specialist + grid worker + information worker”.Combination of employment assistance on, spring breeze action, public employment services into the campus, large and medium-sized cities combined the public employment service activities such as recruiting college graduates, to carry out the “live take duty”, “broadcast propaganda policy”, “employment guidance cloud classroom”, “enterprise cloud preach”, “employment entrepreneurship policy propaganda cloud handbook” and other popular forms of employment service activities, the interpretation of social policy, service people’s livelihood,Let employment services and the masses zero distance.8 offline job fairs were held in the first quarter, providing 11,180 positions;13 online job fairs, providing 33,504 positions.We carried out 14 sessions of “Live broadcasting with posts and live broadcasting promotion”, and accumulated 29104 recruitment messages for 76 enterprises’ recommended positions, with more than 50,000 viewers. The atmosphere in the live broadcasting room was warm, and nearly 8500 interactive messages of policy consultation were answered online.At the same time, focusing on jinchang’s “2+4” industrial chain development plan, we built a recruitment platform for chain group enterprises, specially invited the HR director of Jinchuan Group corporation, a world top 500 enterprise, to the live broadcast room for enterprise cloud publicity, focusing on introducing the relevant policies of college graduates recruitment.March 31 organized online “employment guidance cloud classroom” activities, Gansu Non-ferrous Metallurgy vocational and technical College students watch the number of 2278 person-time, cloud classroom from college students employment situation analysis and policy interpretation, employment preparation, self-recommendation, resume production and other aspects of the start,Profound and simple for college graduates and young friends to analyze and interpret the employment policy situation, to college students in the process of finding a job to give multiple angles to solve the difficulties, guide them to establish a correct view of seeking employment, employment.The short video explaining the employment and entrepreneurship policy for college graduates, played by the cadres of jinchang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, has been released through channels such as “Jinchang People’s Society” Douyin and Video, and has been played for 21,000 times in total.Relying on “Gansu Talent network Jinchang Branch station”, “Jinchang Employment and entrepreneurship information service platform” to provide convenient palm employment and entrepreneurship services for key employment groups, with the intention of doing a good job in Jinchang employment work.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: