Direct attack on The epidemic in Fuyang | District Audit management Office cadres and workers build a defense line together in the sunken community

2022-05-30 0 By

Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.Fuyang District audit management office strictly in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control response mechanism, the first time to organize all cadres and workers to support the community prevention and control front line.The Leading Party Group attached great importance to the rapid deployment and consolidation, immediately clarified the division of labor and responsibilities, and held a special meeting on epidemic prevention and control led by the person in charge to convey relevant epidemic prevention requirements.Set up special working teams headed by the principal person in charge to lead the organization of epidemic prevention, coordinate epidemic prevention forces and formulate relevant measures.Party committees and their subordinate branches will play their role as fortresses and urge party members to take the lead in managing themselves and their families well.As the leading unit of dongwu Community Party Committee, the audit management office quickly organized cadres and workers to support the front-line epidemic prevention and control, to assist in maintaining order, checkpoint duty, carrying supplies and other work.On that day, 38 people were arranged to support the community, and tents, heaters, mineral water and other supplies were provided as needed.We will strengthen internal control, manage our own business and strictly implement the system of temperature measurement and bright code, and make every effort to build a solid barrier for internal epidemic prevention and control.We will actively carry out the disinfection of the internal environment, and focus on disinfection of public areas such as corridors, toilets, elevators, cantons and meeting rooms.All cadres are required to be on standby at all times and not to go out.