Dessert-level graphics card Asus Megalodon RTX3050 start testing

2022-05-30 0 By

Around the New Year, NVIDIA launched the RTX3050, a mid-range and low-end dessert graphics card that many people have been waiting for. It uses NVIDIA’s latest Ampere architecture, and is supported by ray tracking technology and AI image processing technology. It can be said that it is quite cost-effective.I managed to grab an Asus Megalodon RTX3050 before the end of the year, which is suitable to replace the 1650 video card of the 4 milk machine. After all, it has more light and 8GB GDDR6 high speed video memory, as for how it is, see my next share.Here’s a GIF of a megalodon with a “Q” in it, and a gold seal on the ASUS logo.On the back is the detailed information of the graphics card, power supply, heat dissipation, material processing, etc.The ASUS Megalodon RTX3050 comes with two axial fans with double ball bearings and intelligent stop support for a silent bonus at low power consumption, as if the shark-toothed color block and matte black case are a good match.The ASUS MEGdon RTX3050 doesn’t have a light bonus on top, but the ASUS logo has a wiredrawing effect and two thick nickel-plated heat pipes with a single 8-pin power supply.The ASUS Meganodon RTX3050 does not eliminate the need for a metal-reinforced back plate because of the positioning of the dessert card, improving the structural strength and providing protection for the back circuit.Asus Megalodon RTX3050 has 5 video output ports, 3*DP, 2*HDMI, the factory comes with the dust plug has been removed, this detail is very good.One more side photo.3DMARK performance test and game test for Asus Megalodon RTX3050, to see how the performance of this dessert level graphics card.Take a look at the GPU-Z. The Core of the ASUS Megalodon RTX3050 is GA106, 8nm process, 2560 stream processor, GDDR6 of 8GB magnesia particles, and BOOST frequency 1822MHz.As for the temperature, I also took a look at it during the test. At room temperature of 23℃, it was less than 70℃. After all, Asus always uses good materials, so the temperature performance is naturally not a problem.3DMARK Time Spy Extreme Test, score 6677, graphics card score 6275.3DMARK Time Spy Extreme Test, score 3054, graphics card score 2838.3DMARK Fire Strike test, score 14308, graphics card score 15560, physics score 29619.3DMARK Fire Strike Extreme Test, score 7136, graphics card score 7219, physics score 29709.3DMARK Fire Strike Ultra test score 3534, graphics card score 3329, physics score 29744.3DMARK PORT ROYAL test, graphics card score 3594.The DLSS test also ran a bit, enabling DLSS to reach 41.85FPS.All Equals Odyssey, 1080P resolution, high quality, average frame rate 39, minimum frame rate 18, is a bit low, drop one step, high quality, average frame rate 59, minimum frame rate 27, you can play, and then adjust the frame rate over 60 should not be a problem.Far Cry 5, 2K resolution, extremely high quality, average frame rate of 68.Tomb Raider: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, 1080P resolution, near full height Settings above, average frame rate of 44, a few tweaks will bring it up to 60 in no time.Red Dead Redemption 2 has a 1080P resolution, some options are super high, and with DLSS off, the average frame rate is 55, but the lowest frame rate is just 1.52, which is not up to par.Simply adjust, all options to high, open DLSS, the average frame rate increased significantly, directly increased to 80.6 frame, the minimum frame also directly increased to 64.3 frame.Eat chicken 1080P resolution, advanced video options set above, basically high, enable anti-aliasing.The frame rate of eating chicken varies between 86 and 78FPS, which is fine.This asus Megalodon RTX3050 can be seen in the 1080P resolution, most of the games can get a good game experience by choosing the right Settings, but also supports light tracking and DLSS technology, light chasing games can cope with it, can say that the cost is very good, there is a need to go on.