Buy a house, buy a BMW, three squirrels, post-90s e-commerce director demanded a bribe of 5.3 million yuan for three years

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Cheng Ye, director of the operation department of jingdong flagship store of Three Squirrels Co LTD, was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 400,000 yuan for soliciting property worth 5.3 million yuan from others, alone or in concert with other stakeholders, narada said on Feb. 16.According to the verdict, the defendant cheng Ye joined Three Squirrels Co., LTD in 2014. From December 2017 to December 2019, Cheng took advantage of his position when he was the leader of the mouse Ono product special team and the head of the latiao Department of the product supply chain center.They conspired with the defendants Cheng Haibing and Huang Hao or separately instructed suppliers to raise the supply price and asked for kickbacks, totaling 53023777.7 yuan.Among them, the defendant Cheng Ye participated in accepting bribes totaling 5,302,377.7 yuan, with a total personal income of 4,088,177.7 yuan, and the other two defendants Cheng Haibing and Huang Hao participated in accepting bribes totaling 2,396,400 yuan, with a total personal income of 607,100 yuan respectively.Cheng’s illegal gains were used to buy a BMW car and a house in sanshan district of Wuhu under the name of his wife fang.Cheng Ye’s family withdrew the illegal income of 11,78941.7 yuan on his behalf.In addition, it is worth noting that Cheng Ye was born in 1991 and is the standard “post-90s”, which also reflects the trend of corruption in new economy enterprises becoming younger.In recent years, the number of internal corruption cases in new economy and Internet enterprises is increasing.According to the 2021 Internet Anti-corruption and Anti-fraud Investigation Report released by the Narada Business Data Department, more than 240 cases of Internet corruption and fraud were disclosed by official agencies and media in 2021, up 153% year on year.In all, more than 300 employees were fired or transferred to judicial authorities, double the number last year.The four most common positions in corruption cases include business development (BD), procurement, sales, and operations, which are also the most frequent “thunder” positions over the years.Jiang Xianliang, senior partner of Beijing Yinghe Law Firm and president of Zhonghe Compliance Research Institute, explained to Nandu reporters that BD and sales are driven by performance, and there is a greater temptation and possibility of commercial bribery.Procurement and operation positions are more likely to embezzling property and internal bribery due to their greater financial and administrative power.In addition, bribery and embezzlement accounted for more than 60 percent of the cases.Writing: Nandu reporter Xu Bingqian