Zhejiang Daily Front Page | Reporters visit the newly opened Qujiang Juhan Highway rugged mountain road has become a “road to wealth”

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People take photos on juhan Highway in Qujiang district of Quzhou City on Feb. 1, the first day of the first lunar month.In January this year, jucun to Handu Highway (Juhan Highway), one of the rural road revitalization projects in Qujiang District, was officially opened to traffic. It not only shortens the distance between the city and the towns in the reservoir area, but also is called “Internet Red Road” by netizens for its beautiful scenery.Reporters made a special trip to experience this “network red road” and “road to wealth.”Juhan Highway is 15.781 kilometers long and built around mountains.Take friends shao Xiuqing photo reporters drove past huang Tankou township Han Village, entered the Han road.After turning several curves, the view suddenly opens up, and in the distance is the sparkling Wuxi River reservoir. Seven parking belts have been set up along the highway for tourists to get off to take photos and clock in.”Videos of tourists have been spread on wechat moments, and people say this is the ‘Internet Celebrity Road’.”Shen Binbin, who is in charge of the construction of juhan Road, said the road has improved traffic conditions in the Wuxi River reservoir area.”The old road is curved, sharp and narrow, and the new road is 5.5 meters wide, which is convenient for tourist buses to pass. It connects tianji Longmen and Yaowangshan scenic spots of Huangtankou Township, wengyuan and Yangkeng ancient villages of Jucun Township, and connects the resources of the whole quannan mountain area into a piece.”Construction of the 15.781 km Juhan Highway began in April 2019 and took 33 months to complete.Along the han road forward, soon arrived at the depths of the reservoir village village.Mr. And Mrs. Weng Hongwei, who run stillwater Farm here, are busy.”With the new roads, there are more tourists.”Weng hongwei said she was pleasantly surprised by the “opening effect” of juhan Highway.This Spring Festival, she had dinner at her son’s house in the downtown area and rushed to the village. “The guests had already placed orders and came to have dinner at noon on the first day of the New Year.”Weng, who has been running the farmhouse since 2009, used to receive up to 10 tables a day.After the juhan Highway was opened to traffic, she received 35 tables on a maximum day.”On New Year’s Day, the dishes were too late to cook, so the guests all lined up at the hearth.”Before the Spring Festival, Weng spent more than 100, 000 yuan to lay floor tiles, renovate the kitchen, add cabinets to order food, and replace cooking stovetops to improve reception capacity.She has also increased her stock of ingredients, stocking up on several hundred kilograms of fish.The opening of the highway has also led to the development of cultural tourism industry and agricultural product sales in the village.Before the Spring Festival, Weng Hongwei pasted a new pair of couplets on the gate of his farmhouse. The first couplet reads: “Not rare and precious, but economical and affordable.” The second couplet reads: “No delicacies, but authentic.Flat light 24 words, said not only is the dish, but also the people of the reservoir area to the prosperous day.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com