What does love look like after ten years of marriage?

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Being in love is a wonderful experience.When a relationship begins, it’s filled with the kind of romance you see in movies: flowers, love letters, and the promise of a lifetime together.That’s not always the case, though.Maybe you’re starting to see a change in your own relationship.Maybe the way you used to be together has changed, and you wonder where the love has gone?Don’t worry or feel stressed. Your relationship hasn’t dried up or ended. In fact, it’s going from strength to strength.Love is always there. The only thing that changes is the meaning. The longer you’re in a relationship, the romantic feeling changes.Falling in love is a wonderful experience The nature of romance In a new relationship, you are still looking for proof that the other person loves you, while the other person is still trying to prove their love.When you stand on rooftops Shouting, “I’m in love!”Let the world hear it.”What Romance Really Means after 10 years of Marriage by Heather Haveriski” After 10 years of marriage, if everything is going well, you don’t need more proof.Instead, what you have (which I think is the most romantic thing of all) is a palpable, reassuring sense that it’s OKAY to be human.”After ten years of marriage, or in any long-term relationship, romance is no longer about proving anything.You already know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the other person loves you.Instead, romance becomes a confidence that you can be alone and your partner won’t abandon you.One true story is that Harvey Riles was on her way to the bathroom when she passed out and broke her ribs on the side of the tub. However, her husband did not abandon her. For 10 years of marriage, her husband helped her, took care of her, and resolved the unpleasant situation;Her husband in this tense period, a kind of concern for her, without any complaints, this is her definition of romance.The most romantic thing is the feeling of being accessible and reassuring and you know, in a long-term relationship, you give up the love of texting in the morning and kissing all the time, because you feel like those things are no longer necessary, you have something more valuable, you have comfort and grace and unbiased love;You have the freedom to be yourself, to have bad days, to make mistakes, and your partner doesn’t get mad at you or make you feel bad, and that’s one of the parts of true romance.The Evolution of Romance In Harvey Lileski’s story, she talks about how love “survives” and “how ugly survival is.”The sad reality of a marriage or committed relationship is that one will die before the other.The shared romance between partners ensures that one will be there at the end of life.”You are all mortal, you will all survive, you will live together, and you will live to the end.”Your partner will sit next to you, hold your hand and tell you they love you, while signing papers, listening to doctors and paying for treatments.Doesn’t that sound romantic?A lifetime together, that’s the definition of romance.Romance is finding someone to spend your life with, sharing all of life together, not just the beautiful parts, like a walk in the park, a Caribbean vacation, or dinner in a beautiful restaurant.It’s about gathering your minds and facing whatever life throws at you, whether it’s illness, children, or unemployment.All of these mundane moments actually become exciting and romantic, strengthening your relationship and your love.True romance Harvey Lileski describes true romance as: “Two deluded, lazy people face a bewildering sea of filthiness and blood together, but somehow, somehow, they get through it without completely losing their spirit.”She says it’s about realizing that neither of you is immortal, but that doesn’t matter because you’re going to be together until the end.Her point is that what you should keep in mind is that marriage doesn’t lose its romance over time.Don’t be fooled into believing that true romance is questioning someone’s love for you, or worrying that you might lose it.True romance is never doubting your love, never laughing at life’s difficulties and knowing that you will survive together.