“The environment is beautiful, the mood is good” citizens praise the change of rich people civilization

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Editor’s note: Fumin County recently held a meeting on the establishment, consolidation and promotion of provincial-level civilized cities, and made arrangements for the work.Now fumin county “creation of literature” work progress?What are the highlights?In accordance with the requirement of “for the people, benefiting the people and relying on the people”, we will see how fumin County will fight the battle of “creating literature”.The essence of building a civilized city is to meet the people’s wishes for a better life, improve the happiness of the masses, closely around the people to carry out the creation of the work, to create for the people, to create the people, the people.What changes have fumin County undergone since the establishment, consolidation and promotion of provincial civilized cities?What are the feelings of citizens?February 16, the reporter interviewed 4 citizens, to listen to them how to say?Pan Guoyu: the market is clean. I feel good when I buy vegetables.Pan Guoyu, a resident who lives in the north of the city, opened a housekeeping company by himself.”Since the creation of ‘Wen’, the old bikes and basket baskets in the corridor have disappeared, and the stairs can go up and down smoothly.””Pan Guoyu, 48, told reporters.Residents now walk their dogs on leashes, she said, and many carry paper and plastic bags to collect poop from their dogs, which they throw into trash cans.What impressed her most was how much the environment changed when she went to the farmers’ market to buy vegetables. Now every place is clean and the floor is not slippery. Everyone is in a good mood to buy vegetables.Li Zhongquan, a 50-year-old physiotherapist of Traditional Chinese medicine, said that since the establishment of a civilized city, the city has changed a lot. The traffic order on the road is very good, and the vehicles and pedestrians have been separated in an orderly way, avoiding a lot of potential safety hazards.Secondly, a lot of public toilets have been added, and the environmental hygiene of toilets has been greatly improved. There are special people who clean them regularly, and they are also equipped with hand sanitizer and toilet paper. When entering public toilets, they feel much more comfortable.Li zhongquan said that Fumin county, as the back garden of Kunming, has a large number of tourists, and the “creation of literature” can greatly improve the city image of Fumin County.Xu Jia, a community worker, said that since the establishment of the civilized county, the living environment of the old residential areas has changed a lot, with vehicles parked randomly improved, electric car charging standardized, and residents’ happiness index improved.”The greatest significance of building a civilized city is to play a great role in the economic development of society and the living environment. I hope all of us should constantly improve our own quality and maintain the beauty of the city.”He said.Zhang Guanghui: “Creating a provincial civilized city has greatly improved our living environment, vehicles and pedestrians can be comity to each other, the environment has been improved, the quality of citizens have made great progress.”Zhang Guanghui, an individual operator, is deeply touched by the changes in the city now. Through the creation of provincial civilized cities, vehicles on the streets are placed in an orderly manner, non-motor vehicles are parked in special parking Spaces, there is no disorderly parking, and the phenomenon of road occupation is gone, and the quality of the citizens in all aspects has been greatly improved.She said that in building civilized cities, the general public is both a common participant and the biggest beneficiary.Palm spring city reporter: Shi Xiaohui Cheng Zhe editor: Mo Kaijing editor: Sha LAN Mei final: Zhou Jianjun this article from, only on behalf of the author’s point of view.The national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT