The communication hall of Xi ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications was awarded the national Popular Science Education Base

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The Communication Hall of Xi ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications (UPT) is among the 800 universities that will be recognized as the national Science Popularization Education Bases in 2021-2025, according to the Public Notice of the General Office of the China Association for Science and Technology (ACST).Xi ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications is an important base for personnel training and scientific research in the information industry and modern postal industry in China, especially in northwest China. Relying on its industrial advantages and disciplinary characteristics, XI ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications built the only communication science popularization base in northwest China in 2020 — The Communication Pavilion of Xi ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications.Covering an area of more than 1,000 square meters, the hall is divided into five exhibition halls: the Hall of Information and communication, the Hall of telegraph and Telephone exchange, the Hall of wired and optical fiber Communication, the Hall of Wireless and mobile communication, and the Hall of Data and Internet Communication.The communication hall takes the development track of information and communication technology as the main line, takes classical objects as the carrier, combines multimedia and digital means, comprehensively and objectively displays the development course of communication between the world and China.West mail TongXinGuan is one part of the school campus culture, TongXinGuan built not only to create more west mail characteristic campus culture atmosphere, also play culture education function, give play to the role of display window, and to undertake the important task of service high level university construction, is a school subject advantages and characteristics, and improve the education system is the important base of school culture.Since its establishment, the WTP Communication Museum has carried out various themed activities such as “Entering the Communication Museum”, “Falling in love with the Communication Museum”, “I See the Communication Museum”, “Friends of the Communication Museum” and other large-scale activities such as “World Telecommunication Day and International Museum Day”, “5G Science Popularization Tour of China Communication Society — Shaanxi Station”.As of December 14, 2021, the audience has exceeded 10,000 people, and the social influence is expanding, becoming a brand new cultural card of the university.The communication Museum has also been selected into the “100 Plan of University Museums” and the Social science popularization Base of Shaanxi Province.Adhering to the original mission of “People’s posts and telecommunications for the people”, WESTpost has always been forging ahead despite wind and rain.With information science and technology as the main discipline, the university focuses on the development and industrial application of high and new technologies, and forms its characteristics and advantages in the research directions of communication asIC design, mobile communication, image processing, information security and information industry economy.Besides, it has established extensive cooperative relations with international institutions such as ITU, APT, huawei, ZTE and other communication equipment manufacturers, etc., and constructed the “four-in-one” education mode of knowledge inquiry, capacity building, personality cultivation and red gene.In the new era, XI ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications will take the initiative to seize the opportunity of the development of digital economy, ride the wind and waves in the tide of information age, forge ahead, and make new contributions to build a first-class university of Posts and Telecommunications with distinctive characteristics in China.Follow “Xi ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications Undergraduate Enrollment” for more exciting information!Sources of this article: Official website/official Account of Xi ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications, Westpost news, Software Department