Lukaku and Hufferts finished Chelsea top of the world, winning the club World Cup for the first time in their history

2022-05-29 0 By

The final of the Club World Cup was held in ABU Dhabi, the Capital of the United Arab Emirates, at 0:30 am Beijing time today. The 2020-21 Champions League Chelsea of The English Premier League and copa Libertadores winners Palmeiras of Brazil.Chelsea manager Tuhel flew to ABU Dhabi in time for the match.Early on, Chelsea took the initiative, controlled the situation, infiltrated the opponents’ goal, but it was not effective, Chelsea dominated the first half, possession rate as high as 70%, but were unable to score, 0-0 draw.Lukaku headed Chelsea 1-0 up in the 55th minute after odoj’s cross from the left touchline.Good times did not last long, 7 minutes later, the central defender Silva in the left hand in the fight against the ball, the referee saw VAR after giving Palmeiras penalty kicks, Vega volley hit the right side of the goal, the ball into 1:1, both sides back to the same starting line!Lukaku was substituted in the 75th minute.He scored a goal, but he wasn’t in the best of shape and then the two sides went back and forth and didn’t score, and after 90 minutes the game ended with a 1-1 draw.For extra time, Chelsea replaced kovacic and christensen with ziech and saar.The miracle appeared in the 114th minute, Palmeiras players suspected handball, the referee after VAR replay to confirm the penalty, and sent a yellow card, Hafferts kicks, running, shooting, the ball into!Hufferts excitedly strip off to celebrate, see on the Chelsea owner Roman abramovich also danced for joy.Palmeiras went on to win the club World Cup for the first time in the club’s history, capping off another successful year for Chelsea last year.