It just went live

2022-05-29 0 By

Hello everyone, I am Huang Handsome, yesterday, we did a wave of notice, released lancet eyebrow a wave of beautiful photos, today, short video “Guizhou year the most colorful”, officially online!No more words, first look at the works!

From January 25, Guizhou Traffic broadcasting “I am The Lancet Studio” and Jiyuan Company jointly plan to launch “The most colorful guizhou year” Guizhou tourism finance media project to the whole network.This project will be composed of voice IP “MEI Niu and Jie Zi” (tentative title) and series of VIDEO IP products. The project will take the sound and painting image of “Jie Zi” of Jiyuan Fang and the sound and painting image of The Lancet Studio as the protagonist.It presents guizhou to the world in the most dazzling and fashionable way with its remarkable transportation construction, unique hot spring resources, gorgeous ethnic festivals and colorful nights.The animation character Jie Zai runs through the whole film. Guided by original music, the short film adopts the expression of interaction between real characters (Lancmei) and virtual characters (Jie Zai), and integrates diversified contents with Guizhou characteristics along with the rhythm of music.They include lusheng Festival, batik silver ornaments, Miao songs and dances, sour soup fish, silk dolls, Huangguoshu Waterfall and Huangguoshu Bailian Hot Spring, etc.Other products of the project include micro-life drama “I am Jie Zi of Lancet Mei and Mei Girl”, short video “Jie Zi Travels to Guizhou”, “I Wait for you in Guizhou” and “Colorful Night guiyang”, which will be launched later.