Donkey friends climb east Tianmu mountain snow slip fracture police doctor, fire multi-linkage snow rescue

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On February 2, the second day of the first lunar month, Lin ‘an again welcomed rain and snow.Especially in the east Tianmu mountain area, snowflakes are flying, and the snow in the high altitude area on the top of the mountain is as high as 30 cm.A hiker surnamed Dong from Shanghai came to the East Tianmu Mountain early in the morning with his friends to enjoy the snow, but accidentally slipped on the way down and broke his right leg.After more than one hour of carrying in the snow, the police of Taiyuan Police Station of Lin ‘an Public Security Sub-bureau, together with fire fighters and medical staff, finally put the ambulance on the platform.Around 14pm, Taihuyuan police station received a call from the public that a friend surnamed Dong had slipped and fractured his right leg on his way down the East Tianmu Mountain and asked for help.Police on duty immediately rushed to the scene, synchronous linkage of fire and 120 ambulances.’Hello, is that the policeman?We’re from the fire department. We’re ready to go up. Are you okay?Do you have any discomfort?Don’t worry, we’ll come for you soon…”Ankle-deep in snow, a figure in an orange rescue suit is making a reassuring phone call to a hiker stranded on a mountain.At this time, the world began to snow, snowflakes flying all over the mountain, the temperature reached minus 5 degrees Celsius, the rescue team against the snow and snow quickly to the location of the injured people march, the mountain was covered with thick snow, everyone left slide a foot, right slide a foot close to the mountain.15 xu, Lu Jun finally found the injured east in a step, after the inspection of the east right leg is likely to fracture, in order to prevent the second injury, Lu Jun found a branch, with a police rope will be fixed east’s right leg, at the same time wrapped outside a layer of plastic bags to prevent wet snow.Dong’s leg was seriously injured and he could not go down the mountain by himself. Lu Jun observed an abandoned house in front of him and proposed to take shelter from the wind and snow. He could be carried down the mountain on a stretcher after 120 and the fire department arrived.Lu Jun and his colleagues set up a left and a right, three people in the snow slowly moving, after half an hour’s journey to the house.At 16:30 xu, 120 rescue doctors and fire personnel arrived on the mountain, the doctor to east leg bandage fixed, they will carry east on a stretcher, and fixed, we work together against the wind, braving the snow, lift the stretcher, step by step carefully went down the mountain.At 17:00 hours, they were finally escorted down the mountain and safely transferred to an ambulance.Originally, the east is a keen tourer from Shanghai, 50 years old this year, climbing at ordinary times, from the Internet I know that the b east after snow scenery is very beautiful, and friends meet b top east big fairy peak snow this morning, only to descend stepped on the icy stones slipped fall, unable to move his right leg fracture.At present, Dongmou has been sent to the hospital for treatment.Police remind: the extreme cold weather, mountain road snow is very slippery, please reduce travel as much as possible, in order to avoid accidents.If a climber is injured in a fall or fall, after hemostasis and bandaging, it is recommended that people do not move the injured person at will in order to avoid secondary fracture, and do a good job of keeping warm, and call 120 and 110 in time.