Zhang Jiadu Community, Saicheng Lake Management Office: The community has made efforts to realize epidemic prevention and control and anti-electric fraud at the same frequency

2022-05-28 0 By

Jiujiang news dispatch (Yuan Cheng) to strengthen prevention network telecom fraud, protecting the health of residents and property security, recently, the city of lake management zhangs’ crossing the community new era civilization practice standing grid member within the grid to carry out the telecom network to prevent fraud and epidemic prevention and control of popular science propaganda activities, truly and epidemic prevention, anti cheat.The outbreak community grid member in the free point unattended and enter a visit by issuing warm reminder about the epidemic prevention and control, prevent telecom fraud flyers, guide residents scan register a clattering cloud p, download the national center for the electric cheat APP, enhance the general residents epidemic prevention and control, fraud awareness and remind residents not credulous of unknown origin phone and information,Do not disclose their id card information, savings, bank account number and other information to strangers.In case of suspicious circumstances, timely communicate with relatives and friends or call the police to avoid being cheated.In addition to the free point unattended, household visit publicity, also make full use of community residents WeChat group of epidemic prevention and control of dynamic and epidemic prevention and control, electrical fraud prevention propaganda of knowledge, while completes the epidemic prevention and control work, universal telecom to prevent fraud, the greatest degree of let residents learn about the outlaws fraud, not an opportunity to criminals, effectively improve the consciousness of the residents of telecom fraud,Truly let the epidemic prevention and control, prevention of telecommunications and online fraud in the hearts of the people.In the following work, Zhangjiadu community will further increase publicity efforts, maximize the expansion of epidemic prevention and anti-fraud publicity coverage, enhance the area residents of “epidemic prevention” and “anti-fraud” awareness of the ability to prevent.