What happened in Zigong in 1996?

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Read in zigong yearbook has archived articles, found an article in 1996 “zigong second entrepreneurship development compendium of official historical documents, including:” at the turn of the century, the city is facing a good development opportunity, if missed opportunities, will be the historic mistake “, its wording is very strict.So, what happened in Zigong around 1996 that prompted an urgent call for a second start up?By querying data, in 1995, the economic development of zigong appeared a serious crisis, from 1995 to 1999, the economy for five consecutive years of negative growth, salt industry losses for eight years, the industrial economy by 1988 the province (including chongqing not crown) third back to the eighth, 1999, let the old industrial city.This is also reflected in official documents.Because of its inland location, Zigong lags behind in urban infrastructure construction, owes a lot of debts, lacks radiation and driving capacity, unreasonable industrial structure, serious historical burden, financial difficulties and capital shortage, and the gap between Zigong and developed areas keeps widening.Zigong is an industrial city based on salt. Due to the particularity of salt resources, zigong was once one of the three major cities in Sichuan province, along with Chengdu and Chongqing.However, Zigong also has a lot of congenital shortcomings, neither near the Yangtze River, nor on the Chengdu-Chongqing line, in addition to the jurisdiction of small area, small population, in the new era of market economy, it is very uncomfortable with the environment, due to the pain of economic transformation and the impact of the market wave, a large number of industries, enterprises, scientific research institutes moved to other city.It makes the city’s development worse.In the following ten years, Zigong not only opened the gap with Mianyang, Deyang, Nanchong and other cities, its GDP has been surpassed by Neijiang, in the last place in southern Sichuan.But as an old industrial city, Zigong’s foundation is still relatively solid.Now, with the launch of neijiang and Zigong city integration development strategy, these two former brothers and sisters are developing together, looking forward to the millennium salt can reproduce the former glory!