What are the highlights of the Chinese delegation in previous Winter Olympics?

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From 1980, when China first participated in the Lake Placid Winter Olympics, to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Chinese delegation has won 13 gold, 28 silver and 21 bronze MEDALS in the 11 games it has participated in, ranking 17th in the overall medal table.Over the past 40 years, behind every achievement is countless hard sweat, every highlight moment has countless frustrated to pave the way, and those who emerged from the people and things, will always be remembered by the Chinese people.1980 China competed for the first time in 1980, the 13th Winter Olympics were held in Lake Placid, USA.Just before the Olympic winter games held for three months, the Chinese Olympic committee international Olympic committee (ioc) in the lawful seat just restored, then 28 male and female athletes from the Chinese delegation, to participate in the winter games, speed skating, figure skating, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and modern to a total of five winter sports 18 events, boarded the stage of the winter Olympics for the first time.Li Menghua, former head of the National Sports Commission, is the head of the Chinese delegation, and sports diplomat He Zhenliang is the deputy head of the Delegation. All coaches and athletes come from Jilin province, Heilongjiang Province and the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army.Zhao Weichang, 30 years old at the time, became China’s first flag bearer at the Winter Olympics. He broke the national record 26 times and the Chinese delegation received a warm applause from the audience as he took the first step on the field at the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.The Chinese sports delegation attending the Winter Olympic Games for the first time had never seen such a big scene. The athletes had a thought in their hearts: “When can our country also host a Winter Olympic Games?”Compared with today’s complete training support, the training environment for Chinese athletes participating in the Winter Olympics for the first time was rather harsh.In ice skating, for example, there is no indoor rink, all training is done outdoors, and temperatures reach minus 20 degrees Celsius at the coldest point.In order to do my best to achieve good results, I never stop training even in snowy and windy weather…However, after great efforts, it is a pity that there is still a big gap between the Chinese athletes competing for the first time and the world’s elite athletes, and no one can enter the top six.Still, the debut was significant, marking a milestone in The history of China’s Olympic Games and a new historical stage for winter sports in the country.After 1980, China sent delegations to participate in the Games, but it was not until 12 years later that Ye Qiaobo achieved the breakthrough of “zero” MEDALS for The Chinese sports delegation in the Winter Olympic Games.Li Yan, the former head coach of the Chinese short track speed skating team and the current president of the Chinese Skating Association, also came close:In 1988, she won the gold medal of women’s 1000m short track speed skating and the bronze medal of 500m and 1500m short track speed skating in the 15th Canadian Calgary Winter Olympics, and set a new world record of 1000m and 1500m. Unfortunately, the short track speed skating in that Winter Olympics was only a demonstration event, not an official event.Four years later, in albertville Winter Olympics, short track speed skating was promoted to an official event. Li Yan won the silver medal in women’s 500 meters short track speed skating, which was China’s first Olympic medal in short track speed skating, making up for the regret of four years ago to some extent.Also in Albertville, Ye Qiaobo took the lead in breaking history by winning two silver MEDALS in women’s 500-meter speed skating and 1,000-meter speed skating, achieving the breakthrough of “zero” MEDALS in China’s Winter Olympics.In fact, ye Qiaobo had every chance to win two gold MEDALS with her strength, but two accidents delayed the historic breakthrough for another decade.Since November 1991, Ye Qiaobo has won the 500 meters and 1000 meters in Berlin, Albertville, France and Colombo, Italy.In those races, Ye’s closest competitor was fellow American speed skater Bonnie Blair, and Ye had the last laugh.But in the most important event of the Olympics, Ye stumbled when the Skis collided with the Russian skater in the 500-meter speed skating event, his best event. As a result, Ye was overtaken by Blair, who was in the next group, and missed the title by 0.18 seconds.The heavy silver medal left Ye with great regret, as she said in an interview: “I think I have a chance to win the gold medal if I don’t hit it.”Three days after the women’s speed skating 1000 meters race, Ye Qiaobo biggest rival is still Blair, because Ye Qiaobo better at 500 meters, the coach also didn’t think she was so good state, the tactical design error, to the left when the game is about 30 meters, Ye Qiaobo just learned that he was in the first place, but then again it was too late to begin to sprint.In the end, Ye qiaobo lost to Blair again by 0.02 seconds, winning his second silver medal.In order to separate the Summer and Winter Olympics, ye qiaobo won a bronze medal in women’s 1,000m speed skating at the 17th Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.Before the Games ended, Ye qiaobo went to Intzer, Germany, where she had a second knee operation, in which doctors removed eight pieces of bone from her knee.Ye Qiaobo had no choice but to retire, in the following retirement party, sitting in a wheelchair Ye Qiaobo choked up said: “I can say with a clear conscience, I am worthy of my motherland!”The “Qiao Bo spirit” of never giving up and never giving in has left an indelible mark in the Olympic history of China.At the 19th Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City in 2002, Yang Yang won two gold MEDALS in women’s 500-meter and 1,000-meter short track speed skating. Yang Yang became the first gold medal winner in China’s winter Olympics.Yang Yang from Heilongjiang province was called “Big Yang Yang” because there was another Yang Yang from Jilin province on the Chinese short track speed skating team at that time, who was two years younger than Yang Yang and was called “Little Yang Yang”.In fact, “little Yang Yang” earlier in the Olympics achieved results.In the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, Yang Yang won silver MEDALS in all three short track speed skating events, including the silver medal in women’s 3000m relay with Yang Yang, Wang Chunlu and Sun Dandan. The four of them are also known as the “four golden flowers” of short track speed skating.Yang, already the world’s top short-track speed skater, had even crossed the finish line first in the women’s 1,000m final, but as she prepared to celebrate, she was disqualified from the race by a bizarre crosscut foul.Yang Yang’s loss in Nagano was so painful that he almost retired.Fortunately, she stuck with it, and four years later she was brilliant.From the 1980 Winter Olympics to the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, the Chinese delegation’s achievements gradually increased, a total of 10 silver and four bronze MEDALS, but never won the gold medal, let the Chinese ice and snow people always hold a breath in the heart.Until February 16, 2002 short track speed skating women’s 500m final.Yang was already the best female short-track speed skater in the world. She had won the individual all-around title at international competitions for many years and had won four and a half titles at the World Championships a year earlier.But too much psychological pressure and expectation, let her in the first race in 1500 meters, which she has an absolute advantage in the event, only got the fourth place, so that everyone was nervous for her.The next day, before the 500-meter race, Yang wrote down any problems he might have in the race on a small piece of paper.”I quickly took out a piece of paper and read it sentence by sentence, telling myself what to do, and that’s how I reached the final,” Yang recalled later.In the final, as Yang Yang raced across the finish line first, she put all her strength and passion into her fists, as if it was her fists, not her feet, that helped her win her first Gold medal at the Winter Olympics.44.187 seconds!”March of the Volunteers” played for the first time in the Olympic Winter Games!In the women’s 1,000m short track speed skating race, Yang Yang continued her good form and won the gold medal again with a time of 1:36.391. She won the first and second gold MEDALS in the history of China’s Winter Olympics alone and became a hero in the hearts of Chinese people.Four years later at the Turin Olympics, Yang Yang chose to persevere and added a bronze medal in the women’s 1,000m short track speed skating.In the same year, Yang Yang retired.Yang Yang has won 59 world championships in her career, the most by any Chinese athlete in winter sports.After retirement, Yang Yang successively served in many international sports organizations and continued to play an active role in the international sports arena.Elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2010, Yang has been serving as the chairman of the Athletes’ Commission of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics since 2017, continuing to be busy with the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.China has won 13 Olympic gold MEDALS so far, 10 of which came from the short-track speed skating team, which deserves the title of “Ace team”.The women’s 500m is the “ace of ACES”.Since Yang Yang, Wang Meng has been banned from the Olympic Games in Turin in 2006 and Vancouver in 2010.In sochi 2014, Li jianrou continued the tradition of excellence of the short track speed skating team.In fan Kexin, Liu Qiuhong accident lost in the semifinals of the situation, Li Jianrou in the final to seize the opportunity of opponents mistake, with 45.263 seconds of the first finish, for China to achieve the “four consecutive Olympic Gold” feat.Wang Meng is another legend after Yang Yang, who has won four Olympic gold MEDALS, the most gold MEDALS and MEDALS in The history of Chinese Winter Olympics.Wang Meng with superior strength, always domineering in the game.At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Wang Meng won the women’s 500-meter title and beat all her rivals in just 5 seconds.Due to the disparity in strength, Wang meng even had the power to adjust his goggles during the race, and finally crossed the finish line with “scissorhands” and a big lead over his competitors.Wang meng after suffering from a bad cold, but still win the women’s 1000 meters and 3000 meters relay, becoming the first Chinese short track speed skating history “triple crown” of the Olympic Games, also became the li ning (the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles), Zou Kai (the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing), after another at a single Olympics scored three gold MEDALS Chinese athletes.Compared with wang Meng, zhou Yang, her teammate at the same time, was much more low-key and composed. She was better at long distance and also wrote a strong brushstroke in the history of China’s Winter Olympics.At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Zhou Yang had to fight alone in the women’s 1500m short track speed skating final due to wang Meng’s foul in the semifinal.Facing the seven world’s top athletes, especially the three south Korean athletes who are good at team cooperation, Zhou Yang broke the monopoly of south Korean athletes for two consecutive sessions of the event by breaking the Olympic record, and became the first Chinese short track speed skating history gold medalist in 1500 meters winter Olympics.Four years later, Zhou Yang became the underdog to defend his title.She also joined hands with Wang Meng, Zhang Hui and Kong Linlin to win the gold medal in the women’s 3,000m relay at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. She is second only to Wang Meng in the “triple Crown”.Wu Dajing, the world and Olympic record holder in men’s 500 meters short-track speed skating, continued the glory for China at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Despite failing to win gold MEDALS in other events, wu held the lead from the starting gun and did not give his opponents or the judges a chance to win the gold medal in 39.584 seconds.Wu Dajing not only realized the Chinese men’s short track speed skating gold medal in the Winter Olympics “zero” breakthrough, and this gold medal is also the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Chinese delegation’s only gold.The Chinese short track speed skating team has maintained its glory in many Olympic Games, behind which cannot be left one name, that is Li Yan.Li Yan returned to China in 2006 to serve as the head coach of the National short track speed skating team. Wang Meng, Zhou Yang, Wu Dajing and other outstanding short track speed skating stars are her students.After the women’s 500-meter final at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Wang Meng, the gold medalist, came up to Li Yan and knelt on both knees and bowed his head, which was a tender scene famous in the history of Chinese short track speed skating.In addition to the 10 golds in short track speed skating, the other three golds came from freestyle skiing, men’s aerials, figure skating, pairs skating and women’s speed skating, each of which made ice and snow sports history in China.In 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games, Han Xiaopeng won the gold medal of men’s freestyle skiing aerials with 250.77 points, breaking the monopoly of European and American athletes and realizing the “zero breakthrough” of China’s snow events and men’s events in the Winter Olympic Games.”I have never won a gold medal in a world series,” he said. “I didn’t expect that my first world Series gold medal would be an Olympic gold medal. I was not ready.”Unlike Han Xiaopeng, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo waited eight years for a gold medal in figure skating pairs.The pair won a bronze medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and won their first world title at the World Championships that year.However, zhao suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon in the run-up to the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, which almost ended their Olympic gold medal hopes.It was only 11 days before the competition that Zhao made his first jump on the ice after returning from injury. They finally won the bronze medal, missing out on the Gold medal again.Four more years?By vancouver, the two will be veritable veterans.But the desire for gold MEDALS, or let them choose to return.They got married in 2007, and the Olympics came again. Although they did not have any advantage in age, their understanding of figure skating quietly improved to a higher level.Finally, the gold medal hung on their neck, the achievement of a pair of “figure skating legend”.Zhang Hong won the women’s 1,000m speed skating gold medal in 1 minute 14.02 seconds in Sochi, China’s first ever speed skating gold medal in winter Olympics. Zhang Hong inherited the legacy of ye Qiaobo and created a new history.Source | guangzhou yangcheng evening news · sent pictured above | visual coordinating editor of China | GeWanLi