Terrorists posing as police officers hijack a plane and kill three hostages. French special forces show their skill

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Take a look at the actual footage of terrorists taking hostages.This is On December 24, 1994, a French flight refueling in the Albanian capital was hijacked by four terrorists dressed in police uniforms.The terrorists were very cunning, saying there was an emergency and they wanted to check passengers’ passports.The captain was surprised and contacted the police to make sure there was something wrong.When the police went to check it out, the terrorists spotted it and announced the hijacking of Flight 8986.The terrorist leader, Mohamed Jahair, demanded that France release two of his jailed accomplices and fly them to Paris for a press conference.But their real intention was to blow up the plane in France.During negotiations with the police, the terrorists became impatient. They spotted a police officer among the passengers, took him out, shot him in the back, and dumped his body on the parking apron.Next came the second hostage.Angered by the Algerian government’s refusal to allow the plane to take off, the terrorists found an embassy employee, took him to the entrance of the cabin, shot him in the head and dumped his body on the tarmac.The third hostage was shot at 9 a.m. on December 25.At this point, the French have agreed to fly the plane to France, they want French special forces to rescue, but the Algerian government has not agreed.At 10 p.m. on the 25th, the terrorists felt cheated and killed another hostage.He said he’d kill a man every half hour if he didn’t let the plane take off.After the third hostage was killed, the Algerian government was forced to allow the plane to take off.French special forces are also scrambling to make plans.When the plane ran out of fuel and landed in Marseille, France, the tower steered it into a position that was easy for snipers to attack, and they decided to kill the terrorists there.On the pretext that the passengers needed water and food, French special forces sent some female special forces members disguised as air hostesses on board the plane and detected the number of terrorists, weapons and the status of the passengers, and even installed hidden microphones.The French special forces said again, we will allow you to hold a press conference on the plane, you can make your case.The terrorists were so pleased that they gathered a large number of hostages in the back of the plane to hold a press conference, which made armed rescue possible.At the command, the special forces quickly stormed the plane, with two groups entering through the rear door and one through the front door.It was already clear that there were two terrorists in the cockpit controlling the crew in the cockpit.The rescue of the passengers went smoothly and many of the hostages were able to escape using the emergency evacuation slides.But there were problems freeing the crew.The terrorists in the cockpit kept firing, but the hostage security forces were afraid to shoot at random, and the snipers outside were unable to shoot because their view was blocked.Luckily, one of the co-pilots saw the opportunity and jumped out of his seat onto the tarmac, injuring him but giving the sniper room to shoot outside.One terrorist was accurately killed and the other was eliminated by special forces who moved in.It turned out that no hostages were killed except for three hostages in Algeria, all of whom were killed by special forces.The French operation to free the hostages was a perfect one. It really showed their training and professionalism.