Ruihu 7, Veranda, T-ROC search song appearance level is not high, you say it!

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Ruihu 7, Veranda, T-ROC search song appearance level is not high, you say it!Let’s meet again, the author has been waiting for your appointment for a long time, here first of all, grandly thank you for your advice, and wish my dear all four seasons peace, round and round, ambitious, and then immediately please give the theme of this time:As we know, the suvs of suspension part is the “thief” high, not only have low fuel consumption, high level key advantages such as appearance, and used as walking is very practical to business, so most of the small and pure and fresh backpack, miss next next and sisters depth about gleaming, appearance level great web celebrity models.These are my colleague car since the experience of summary.Let’s see which one the viewers prefer!Description of sales analysis of Ruihu 7: Ruihu 7 is made by Chery automobile exclusive grinding, listed so far its technical advantages have been relatively particularly shining, and Ruihu 7 final land price is very close to the people, which is worth our holding.According to the public press, the Tiger 7 has recently taken another step up.In the end, it exceeded 12,960 units and ranked 25th on the sales list in the segmented field. The market performance of Ruitiger 7 is in the eyes of friends, and it is outstanding and the most brilliant star, and it almost perfectly crusher many mainstream models in the SUV field.Although The ranking of Ruihu 7 is not very high, the author will always believe that the charm of Ruihu 7 is always very strong.The reason is very simple, as a result of the tiger 7 unusual market performance is the ans see in the eye.Many enthusiasts feel that if the Tiger 7 continues to defy the odds, it will soon be a blockbuster in the highly competitive car market.The car body of Ruihu 7 is simple and down-to-earth, the car paint is more scratch-resistant, and the smooth lines are full of sense of smoothness, and I believe that it will not fall out of fashion in three, five, seven years., good-looking front face, and shiny lines dive forward, like transformers as dazzling, look up three-dimensional feeling.And crystal clear headlights set off into an interest, waist line is also very sexy, more suitable for xiaobian after 90.Size comments: The space performance of The Tiger 7 is also particularly reliable, to the public to create a very refreshing feeling, in fact, with space super in place, is absolutely inexpensive.Its volume is 4500mm* 1842mm *1746mm, this space is believed to be filled with 3 plump small sofa will not feel very crowded.This shows that the Tiger 7 used for business commuting has been enough.That’s pretty good.At the same time, the Trunk of the Tiger 7 is big enough to accommodate a lot of gold-gobbling quadrupeds and paper towel rolls.Look to give a person an impression that can not stop, so xiaobian feel quite gratified.Speaking of the power part, the power performance of The Tiger 7 is not weak, it uses a 197P, low noise engine, and equipped with CVT stepless (analog 9 gear) transmission, so the Tiger 7 has an extraordinary powerful power, to meet the driving needs of most friends.It is worth mentioning that the engine block is a big advantage of the Tiger 7. The engine is mainly made of high-quality cast iron material, thus providing exceptional rust resistance.About the displacement version, The Emission performance of The Tiger 7 is absolutely reliable, it does not seem to like the natural inspiration power, the Emission options of the Tiger 7 are 1.5T, 1.6t, small editor comment: As you know, the Tiger 7 in the chery auto manufacturer’s efforts, in many mainstream SUV camp can be the most beautiful la.The appearance level of Tiger 7 is very good, like a simple and honest lion head in general.I can’t stop.Secondly, it feels like there is a lot of remaining space to sit in, and it also feels very good handling, which can be said to be very good in the same price of competing products in the camp.Car friends comment 2: The overall fuel consumption of The Tiger 7 is quite good, about all depends on the selection of advanced oil control device, so the fuel property of the Tiger 7 is very attractive.In fact, I run more in the city, sometimes the traffic jam will be a little bit more, even if the Tiger 7 looks like a heavy, but eat less oil, now its fuel consumption is about eight liters, fuel consumption is quite dazzling, in the same class SUV market should be the most handsome.Therefore, more and more partners are very happy to The Ruitiger 7, and my partners around me have praised ruitiger 7 is very worthy of our praise, is undoubtedly the hot property of Chery Automobile.Of course, if you’re out in the middle of the desert, you’re probably going to get a lot more gas.I am a pure and clean graduate student. The fuel cost is a small matter, because if I save a little social cost, it should be enough for half a month.The fuel consumption of tiger 7 is a piece of cake.Say with conscience from beginning to end is fuel consumption is lower more economy.Even if the internal parts of ruihu 7 run-in time is not very long, but I hope that as long as the run-in period, ruihu 7 fuel consumption will be reduced.Car friend analysis: surely a lot of car friend people have this feeling: chassis device is still very reliable, although the stability of its driving is relatively good, but every time the road condition is poor, the feeling is very painful.If you are an old man who is not very flexible, you will probably find it uncomfortable to sit inside.In addition, there is a diudiu not quite satisfactory place is that the vehicle in the process of moving forward is always to hear some uncomfortable tire noise and abnormal sound, and when shifting can vaguely observe some strong sense of frustration.I went to ask the customer service staff at the Four Sons store to solve the problem.Some car users also raised these complaints: 1. The plastic smell of The Tiger 7 is particularly embarrassing.The second model: The appearance of Velanda, the new velanda design sense is very strong, so that many friends can not help but look at the feeling.Whole face before parts of landa fierce, domineering, give myself a very suck the feeling of eyes, as if eyeing the tiger’s head, the first modest, looked very concise, and wei landa closed door handle position appropriately blended in a lot of gleaming chrome plated adornment before the face of two large LED headlamp unit are imposing manner,At the same time, The identification of Veranda is quite good at night, and the side movement of Veranda is particularly outstanding. There are several beautiful flowing waist lines distributed on both sides, from the rear part of the car directly surrounded by the front face, looking very strong. At the same time, the paint of Veranda’s body has been polished, which makes it very elegant.It would be an understatement to say that Velanda is a blockbuster.The design of the trunk is more orderly and open, and the taillights are blackened. In general, the whole appearance of The Velanda is very suitable for the working class.My former bosses all agreed that Veranda was unquestionably brilliant.Grandma Wu, a senior car repairman, said: “I don’t have a lot of money at the end of each month, so I will go to the” 4 Sons “shop for a test drive. At present, I feel that the new Velanda has good noise reduction effect. Although the length of velanda is very long, the control is very good.The third model T-ROC probe song 157,800 ~ 204,900 T-ROC probe song is not publicity, pretty lovely, the net mouth design is a great, at the same time T-ROC probe song of the overall horizontal high-end feeling has also been widened a lot!In addition, the style of the headlamp in front of the T-ROC song is quite impressive. The chassis is relatively low, especially feeling. Overall, it is still a little biased towards the characteristics of sports.The waist line is embellished with the luxury SUV’s unique smoky hub, which is slim and neat. The LED taillight is also very beautiful when lit.Very characteristic, in general, T-ROC song or belong to the tangible, the outside world that T-ROC song is also the most popular one of the models.T-roc probe song interior analysis: T-ROC probe song can be seen in many places the careful designer.The assembly is in place. The screen of the front center console is in a floating style, and there is no unacceptable failure of the black rotating button and the iconic air conditioning button, which is 100% consistent with the brand of FAW-Volkswagen.At the same time, the sporty steering wheel is not very heavy, but very light and accurate, which greatly ensures the safety of the T-ROC song.T – ROC out songs, on the other hand, the wheel chair is very soft, internal joint degree is also very good, is also the seat cladding adopted high-grade material, production, production, small make up that T – ROC song seat is more comfortable, even if the car ran a lot of each hour, also won’t feel legs too tired.And T-ROC has not detected any odor problems so far.And the noise inside the car is largely imperceptible.So the overall driving experience of t-ROC song exploration is very good.On the other hand, the start is excellent, as smooth as fresh milk tea, the T-ROC probe accelerates without drag, and the car can overtake immediately if you pump as much gas as you like.At the same time, the uphill is not laborious, and the noise reduction is also in place. If you do not observe carefully, the “buzzing” noise of the equipment below is not felt at all, which is absolutely wonderful.In addition, because its original power is already quite amazing, and the author is mainly on business trips, so there is no need to upgrade its power too much.Car friends comment 1: It looks very noble.With a length of nearly 5m, the main one-piece style of the large lamp set, the brightness is not a problem at all.At the same time, the front face of T-ROC song is equipped with a large size in the middle of the net, the thick chrome strip and the normal headlights form an incomparable shape, and the incomparable shining LED headlights are located on both sides, full of pride.In addition, t-ROC probe’s black and silver wheels are a compass for young fashion.The size is also very coordinated, the overall shape is in place.Is xiaobian’s favorite type.At the same time, with the lines of high-end atmospheric design, the surface of the decorative board of T-ROC is affixed with the dazzling LOGO of FAW-Volkswagen series, revealing pure and comfortable elegance.The T-ROC soundfinder was so quiet when it started, no noise!The space in the trunk of the T-ROC explorer is also nice, even if it’s easy to put a lot of small luggage in.As the mainstream SUV models, t-ROC song oil consumption or can be.In short, the price of T-ROC song is still very good, high matching t-ROC song “unexpectedly” less than 20W yuan can be clinched, very reliable, there is no problem.Owner Zhou brother commented:I usually make friends widely, therefore particularly like big head ghost, not beautiful car are embarrassed to open out, but since bought a T – ROC agent after the song, every time go out to run the business feel quite terrible, touch the steering wheel is quite a feeling, and movement is in position, my child always asked me T – outside ROC agent song is what east east?I’m like, “T-ROC scout is your dad’s ride.”Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, I am very relieved about T-ROC probe song, not only with the powerful help of T-ROC probe song, but also very comfortable to drive on the road. I especially like “cars” since childhood, after ten years of unremitting struggle, thank god finally bought a private T-ROC probe song, driving it also feel very comfortable.There is a sense of arrogance boss level, at the same time the fuel consumption is relatively small, is absolutely to meet the next a lot of needs.T-roc Probe the most key core competitiveness lies in its control, the appearance level is quite good, small make up the comments above is mainly shared with The Tiger 7, Velanda and T-ROC Probe, the suggested price is different, their prices are 8.39W, 157,800 and 171,800.In fact, the transaction price of models from different camps may be different. According to the data, the price of Ruihu 7 naked car is 101,900 YUAN, while the price of Velanda and T-ROC song is 15.88W and 11.89W. It is the end of this article again in the blink of an eye, I do not know which of these SUVs are readers’ favorite?I would like to thank you all for your reading and sincerely wish all the distinguished students success, prosperity and wisdom.If you like this article, remember to click three times.Ruihu 7, Veranda, T-ROC search song appearance level is not high, you say it!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang