Dad brought Taiwan Wuling Capgemini, the car as big as a bed

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Dad picked up a Wuling Capecet, the car is as big as a bed and the fuel consumption is only 7L. The family of six people all like the family car made by Wuling, the car is as big as a bed and the fuel consumption is only 7L. The family of six people all like the car at home.At that time, I bought a Honda Fit because my budget was not enough to afford a good car. Secondly, I saw the playability of the Honda Fit and thought it was suitable for modification. I could easily make it into my own style.After I got married and had a second child, I began to find that the Honda Fit wasn’t the right fit for my family. The space was too small for my family, and many of the items for the kids couldn’t fit into the car, which affected our travel experience.So I had the idea of changing the car, and finally mentioned the Wuling Capgemini family car.When I bought Wuling Capgemini, my budget was much more generous, so I chose the top-equipped version of Wuling Capgemini, which costs more than 110,000 yuan.And I will pay attention to Wuling Capjie, initially is the positioning of this car attracted me, its positioning is “big four family car”.At that time, I had never seen such a positioning model in the car market, so I was attracted by it.Later, I went to see the car, and I was satisfied with the performance of Wuling Capgemini, so I decided to pick up the car.I choose Wuling Capgemini because the interior space of this car is very wide. After all, I buy a car for daily household use and to bring better travel experience to my family.Wuling Capgemini body size and interior space is relatively large, its length is close to 4 meters 9, the wheelbase has 2 meters 8, many medium-sized SUV size is inferior to Wuling Capgemini.With the help of large size, Wuling Capgemini provides a six-seat layout. No matter I sit in the first, second or third row, I will not feel that there is not enough movement space in the car, and my head and legs are comfortable.To know, I can not be short, net body height of 1.78 meters, my wife, children, parents are shorter than me, they sit in the car experience is not bad, and the 6-seat layout can just let them have the right seat.See here may be some people will be curious, just said wuling Capgemini’s positioning is “big four family car” it.Why does it have six seats?In fact, I did not understand at first, but later when I looked at the car, I found that the third row seats of Wuling Capeche are “magic seats”, which can be hidden under the platform of the trunk after being laid down, which also makes the car into a “four-seater car”.So I don’t have to worry about having enough space in the trunk for my baby’s stroller or all the other things I need when I go out. It’s big enough to easily fit all those different things.The second row seats of Wuling Capgemini are also very distinctive. The second row seats are similar to sofa seats in design, with wide wings and leg supports. Sitting on them, you will feel like a sofa.In addition, this seat can be adjusted in four directions. Usually, when my wife sits in the second row, the two seats in the second row are closer together, so that there is almost no gap between them, which is convenient for her to take care of the children.My wife likes this design because it makes it easier to feed the children when they are hungry and comfort them when they are naughty.In addition, the seats in the first and second rows of Wuling Capgemini can form two beds after being laid down.Last weekend, I took my family out for an outing. I felt sleepy at noon, so I put these two rows of seats down to form two large flat Spaces for people to lie on.As for fuel consumption, I think Wuling Capgemini’s performance is also better.It is powered by a 1.5-ton engine, matched with a simulated 8-speed CVT transmission, and consumes just over 7 liters of fuel, equivalent to 45 cents per kilometer, in a typical urban drive.I asked my friend who drove a Hafer H6 beside me, and he said that the fuel consumption of Hafer H6 is also the same, and the space of Hafer H6 is not as big as that of Wuling Capgemini.So up to now, Wuling Capgemini has been praised by six people in our family.The event will run from February 18, 2022 to February 18, 2022