Why is Simba banned from the Internet?

2022-05-27 0 By

The main reason is that the quality of products in Simba’s live broadcast room is uneven, so consumers can’t buy products with high cost performance. For example, the most serious fake bird’s nest incident almost ended Simba’s live broadcast delivery career, which is also the fuse and main reason for the suspension of Simba.With the advent of the network era, more and more ordinary people take to the road of live broadcasting, which also makes a large number of anchors gain a large number of fans, and become the star anchors with a particularly high sales volume.The data of Simba’s goods were very good until the fake bird’s nest incident was exposed online, and the outside world questioned the quality of simba’s goods, so Kuaishou decided to close the account.As the fake bird’s nest story gets less and less popular, Simba will continue to live deliver.However, China has put forward various standardized measures for the chaos of the live streaming industry, and the platform will naturally punish relevant accounts to some extent. In addition, the contradiction between Simba and the platform is particularly prominent. According to the contents published by Simba, the traffic of the platform is not proportional to the traffic purchased by itself.The amount of traffic paid for is not proportional to the actual amount of traffic in the live broadcast room, which also makes Simba directly shout out the platform and take kuaishou to court, which can be imagined as the consequences of angers the boss, which also further leads to the ban of the live broadcast account.