Voluntary advance of civilized sacrifice: Yu ‘an District branch road town Wuzhi mountain village “three measures” to carry out civilized sacrifice work

2022-05-27 0 By

Is a young green grass, civilization worship sweep when.The annual Qingming Festival is coming;It is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation to sweep tombs and pay respects to the dead.In order to advocate civilization, safety and green sacrifice, wuzhi mountain village of intersection town three measures to carry out civilization sacrifice work.Propaganda and guidance, expand awareness.Online, the two committees of Wuzhi Mountain Village strengthen publicity through wechat groups, moments of friends and other ways;Offline, the village emergency broadcast, mobile propaganda vehicles, hanging banners to create a strong publicity atmosphere, and held a special meeting of civilized worship, let the villagers leader, party members and the masses, volunteers to visit, issued civilized worship initiative, the popularity of awareness.Set up card points and strengthen control.At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is still grim. Wuzhi Mountain Village has set up a checkpoint at the road entrance of Jinshan Cemetery in the village. Tomb sweeping personnel are required to wear masks and show their health codes when entering the cemetery area.Set up special class, increase inspection efforts.Special teams of leaders for Qingming festival work have been set up at both town and village levels. Every day, town and village cadres and forest rangers have been arranged to carry out inspections near the cemetery and in the mountainous areas of the village. The 24-hour duty system has been implemented.The next step, Wuzhi mountain village will continue to increase publicity efforts, guide the masses to change their minds, while increasing inspection efforts, solid progress in civilization, safety, green sacrifice work orderly.(Deng Xiaolong)