Many people are unaware that regular consumption of sugary drinks can be more damaging to the liver than alcohol, a study has found

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Every time when it comes to the behavior that hurts the liver, drinking is bound to be on the list, which shows that drinking does great harm to the liver. People who drink regularly will have more or less damage to the liver. As for whether they will get liver disease, the answer is not for sure, but the risk of liver disease will be much higher than those who don’t drink.People who frequently drink sugary beverages are 2.53 times more likely to develop nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, according to a study by researchers. The study found that people who frequently drink sugary beverages are 2.53 times more likely to develop nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.Some people may wonder why sugary drinks can cause serious damage to the liver.Photo source:The Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology study was conducted by Boston University research team. In this study, a total of 785 participants were investigated and followed up. In the follow-up study, they were divided into three groups: one group drank sugar-sweetened beverages once a month, the other group drank sugar-sweetened beverages once a week.The final group was a daily drinker, and over a long period of time, those who drank sugary drinks every day had a significantly increased risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, the amount of fat in the liver, compared to those who drank less sugary drinks.Risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is high, mainly because of eating too much sugar, sugar levels in the body, the excess sugar into fat, will lead to body fat more indirectly, liver can help trans fats, but in the case of excessive, can’t completely out, lead to fat retention within the liver, over time,This can lead to an excess of fat in the liver, which can lead to fatty liver disease.Excessive intake of sugary drinks will not only cause great damage to the liver, but also bring great damage to blood vessels and increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary disease risk, it is necessary to strictly control the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, in addition to paying attention to reduce the consumption of beverages containing hidden sugars.So, which drinks contain stealth sugar?With the increase of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by fruit tea drinks, people are aware of the harm of consuming too much sugar. In daily life, they will try to reduce the intake of foods with high sugar content. When choosing drinks, they will choose fruit tea with low sugar content and think that the vitamin C content in fruit tea is higher, which is much better than carbonated drinks.Of fruit tea, can only say that you feel good, have the sugar is also very high, because tea is not squeezed juice, do you think of fruit tea, fruit tea is not the same with the real manufacturer production, in order to reduce costs, and manufacturing process to remove the multifarious, fruit tea is mostly made by some additives, also means that the sugar content in fruit tea has soared,If you drink it regularly, you will increase the amount of sugar in your body, causing stress and damage to your blood vessels and liver.Lactic acid bacteria beverage is helpful to digestion, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can help the human body to supplement beneficial bacteria, improve intestinal flora, there are indeed some lactic acid bacteria have these effects, do not participate in any additives.But more lactobacillus drinks, which don’t contain probiotics, taste the same, but differ in how they work.Lactic acid bacteria drinks without probiotics can not help regulate intestinal flora except that they taste more sour and sweet. More importantly, most lactic acid bacteria drinks are particularly high in sugar. Some people will say that lactic acid bacteria drink more sour, but the sweet taste is not so thick, how can they contain high sugar?To know that some things are not sweet to drink or eat, but actually contain high sugar, there are a large number of lactic acid bacteria in the sugar content is higher than carbonated drinks, if you like to drink this kind of drinks, please quit in time, so as not to bring related diseases to the body.Sugar-free drinks the sugar-free drinks on the market now is becoming more and more people drink more, some people may be in order to control weight, some people is to control blood sugar, others are for health, for whatever reason, sugar-free drinks should not be as long-term drinking beverages, although dozen slogan is sugar-free, but have a kind of additive, is the sweetener.The sweetener acts as a substitute for sugar, stimulating the taste buds and making people feel sweet.When the sweetness spreads to the brain, the brain will remember it, it will arouse people’s appetite, desire for various snacks and snacks, some women can not control, will take in a lot of fat and calories and sugar, in this case, it is better to drink drinks with high sugar content.After the discussion of this article, found sugary drinks the effects on the liver is larger, can increase the risk of suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, of course, when doing research, also may produce other factors, are no more evidence to prove that, but still can be used as a reference, after all, eating too much sugar, itself is adverse to health,If you can cut back, cut back.References: 1. “Too much Sugar is Risky, How much ‘Invisible Sugar’ Are You Eating?”· Lilac Doctor ·2019.9.202. “The milk drink you often drink not only does not help digestion, but also contains more sugar than soda!”· Lilac Doctor ·2021.3.253. “Are diet drinks Really Healthier?”· HealthTimes · June 54, 2017. “New research Shows it’s not alcohol that hurts the liver the most,[1] Park W Y, Yiannakou R I, Julie M, et al. 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