In 2022, Dongta Road Community will carry out the activity of “Send Spring Festival Couplets with A splash of ink, Welcome the Spring Festival with dragon flying and Phoenix Dancing”

2022-05-27 0 By

On the morning of January 27th, in order to further promote Chinese traditional culture, enrich the amateur life of the people in the area, and create a festive and peaceful atmosphere, the dongta Road community carried out the activity of “Waving and splashing ink to send Spring Festival couplets, dragon flying and Phoenix dancing to welcome the Spring Festival”.Although it was the depth of winter, the atmosphere of the community’s new era civilization practice station was warm and active.In the face of the residents’ enthusiasm, calligraphers freely wrote down the Spring Festival couplets with thick flavor for the masses on red paper, using various fonts such as running script and regular script.The residents happily held the Spring Festival couplets covered with ink fragrance, beaming and full of praise. They followed the calligraphers’ strokes and felt the beauty of Traditional Chinese culture and the festive atmosphere of joy and harmony in the faint ink fragrance.