Zhanjiang Airport officially closed, zhanjiang Wuchuan Airport’s first flight off smoothly!

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March 23rd, Zhanjiang Airport successfully sent off the last flightZhanjiang Airport the last flight Spring Airlines 9C8896 (Zhanjiang fly Shanghai Pudong) take off in the air at 0 o ‘clock on March 24, Zhanjiang airport officially closed today 8:51,Wuchuan in zhanjiang airport YaoQiang HU7043 smooth flight departure flight to jinan international airport after this is wuchuan in zhanjiang airport open their doors on the morning of the first flight takeoff 24 8:06 before the first jet civil aviation supervision bureau of guangdong zhang yong to zhanjiang airport company issued an airport operating licence “transportation” this marks the wuchuan in zhanjiang airport official “birth certificate” zhanjiang wuchuan machineField of this “cow” is stomach disappears, usher in a “perfect moment” it will carry the yuexi people hope to fly to the country, financing the clown fish photography in the world For figure in capacious and bright atmosphere airport hall productive passenger praise and marvel at the passengers have said wuchuan in zhanjiang airport from the inside out, let a person shine at the moment, very amazing!The arrival of the cham passengers after the plane can also be within the terminal through the electronic screen after buying tickets passenger ticket can take the airport bus at the gate of the airport in zhanjiang city located in the town of zhanjiang wuchuan city pond 㙍 wuchuan in zhanjiang airport, adjacent to the maoming city positioning as the main domestic airport, radiation region such as zhanjiang, maoming and yangjiang yuexi area and the north sea, yulin, such as our region,Covering a population of more than 20 million.At present, the airport has built a runway of 3200 meters and a parallel taxiway of equal length, 19 boarding Bridges, 30 parking Spaces and a terminal building area of 61,800 square meters.The clown fish photography For figure according to the plan, the future of zhanjiang in wuchuan airport will become the airport passenger throughput of tens of millions of people, navigable city, more than 60 domestic route network of radiation throughout the country large and medium-sized cities and key tourist cities, international and regional routes from southeast Asia to expand in northeast Asia, strive for in such aspects as operation management quality be similar domestic airport.As an important link of guangdong “5+4” backbone airport layout and construction, Zhanjiang Wuchuan Airport opens to welcome guests, which will boost Zhanjiang into the “one core, one area” regional development pattern and accelerate the realization of zhanjiang’s historic crossing from the “traffic terminal” in western Guangdong to a high-level national comprehensive transportation hub. Zhanjiang has taken off!Together to the future!Source: Zhanjiang, zhanjiang Daily editor published: Zhanjiang fire all-media work center