What should parents do if they disagree on how to educate their children?

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Click on the upper right to pay attention to “Green Bean Man”, a senior we-media person with self-discipline, rationality and deep thinking, sharing “personal growth and improvement” & “We-media writing and operation secrets” with you every day.Focus on me, you will get a growth treasure oh ~ (1) reading two hours a day, 2852 days (2) continue writing more, the 415th day my daughter for one and a half, as the child’s behavior is more and more complicated, I and mother to child behavior evaluation and boot up, but we often have a different opinion, each has high concentration,It was this close to exploding a little spark.The most typical question was “Should children look at their phones before the age of two?”Before, I saw a warning from the Chinese CDC expert on the Internet: it is not recommended for children under 2 years old to watch various screens. I also forwarded it to the mother of the child, but she did not take it seriously. She agreed that it should not be watched for too long, but she thought it was ok to watch the child for a while when the child was crying.Just because of this difference, EVERY time I saw her show her mobile phone to the child, I felt a feeling of anger, because my principle is that no matter what the situation is, at least before the age of two, do not show the child any screen, it is better not to show a second, because the first second, will want to see the second.I’m not being alarmist. Think about how many adults watch a short video for a minute and can’t stop.A lot of screen time before the age of two can lead to myopia.There are many cases around me. Some children wear myopia glasses when they are very young. The important reason is that they watch too much electronic screen and do not use their eyes properly when watching.So is my little nephew. I was shocked when I saw him the other day with his big black-rimmed glasses.Once myopic, so almost certainly, can not leave glasses for a lifetime, think is fretful.I really hate to see people sometimes sacrifice a lifetime of long-term interests for a little immediate convenience or pleasure.I believe that most parents are likely to have the same situation in my family, both partners, and even the previous generation of parents in the treatment of their children’s education concept, there are very big differences, many times because of these differences, in front of the children began to bar.This kind of behavior of several people face to face, with toes to know that children are very bad, the former Soviet Union famous educator Suhomlinsky once said:”Father of the child’s requirements must be consistent with her mother to his request, as long as the children feel a mother and a father of ‘can’ and ‘not’ and ‘should’ and ‘should not’ concepts such as there are different views, so, the requirements of even the most rational, in their view is violence, forced, is a mockery of his freedom, and desires.This will develop children willful, unreasonable habits.”To avoid the above bad consequences, I think of a can properly solve the problem of “parents in education children, opinions do not agree how to do?”One way of thinking about this problem.If both sides of husband and wife, have a specific question on children education, appeared different opinion, one should not be directly in front of the children said, because if you directly points out that disagreement between two people, noisy over, the children will tend to the same idea with him father or mother, then the other party on the credibility of education their children with a big discount.We can communicate the same opinions on this specific issue after the event. Of course, the starting point is that we should really think about the child and take into account his current feelings and long-term interests.No matter which side, after presenting their attitudes and opinions, they must provide more reliable data or evidence to support their opinions. Only in this way, they are more likely to persuade the other side to believe in the same methods and rules.At the end of the day, everyone agrees that whether or not you truly believe in a method or rule, you should do the same with your child, so that the child knows exactly where the boundaries are and what rules to follow in everything he or she does.On the issue of education children, most parents are you one of my sentence, often did not communicate a unified plan, it is easy to drive on the same issue to tear, but easy to give children leave the shadow, as everyone follows the same principles, namely on the inside and the actual behavior really for the children, and then unified concept method, set of common rules,Let the child grow up healthy in a family with love and clear rules.Every time I want to give up, I use these three questions to revive my writing day for more than 400 days. 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