We should be highly alert to the great harm of the “meta-universe” to young people

2022-05-26 0 By

The metaverse in the title of this blog post is in quotation marks because, despite its current hype, it is not necessarily going to develop to the extent that it is trumpeted. It is most likely a work in progress.Because, the concept of “virtual reality” itself is contradictory, virtual no matter how realistic, it can only exist in zero-dimensional space false things, the more realistic the meta-universe, the greater its false.It is based on such a situation that we think that the harm of the metasomes to teenagers may be pushed to the maximum.But the tech giants behind the metadverse don’t think about that. Their biggest goal is simply to make money.Therefore, at the dawn of the Yuan world, we, the visionary people of the national and international community, as well as public welfare people, should indeed be highly alert to the possible harm of the “yuan Universe” to the young people!Recent research has shown that social media has a host of negative psychological effects on children and adolescents, ranging from pervasive bullying and harassment to issues involving areas such as self-esteem and self-body image perception.Today’s social media platforms are already dangerous for teens, and the extent of virtual reality immersion in a more widely open meta-universe could make those problems even worse.The use of 3D digital bodies in the meta-world poses another problem — you can modify your portrait to project a different version of yourself than you would in real life, which is especially dangerous for teenagers.Being able to fictionalize one’s appearance through the metasomes gives a completely different response, which can disrupt a teenager’s identity.Tech giants like Mate are targeting this very impressionable population — especially at an important stage of their brain’s intellectual and emotional development — with potentially dire consequences for them from these social media and online platforms.This will be a further aggravation of the problems we are already starting to see with social media.This can lead to more loneliness, more body image issues and more exposure to dangerous content associated with suicide.The study found that minors were regularly exposed to pornographic images, racist and violent language, bullying and other forms of harassment on VRChat, often accessed via Meta’s headset.It is conceivable, then, that in the wider and more open meta-universe, teenagers are so easily immersed in this and unable to extricate themselves.There’s another dimension to the meta-universe — digital Second Life.That is to say, the meta-universe can construct a false life, so it is not difficult to imagine that it will bring great confusion to the value and meaning of human society, and human society may be destroyed because of it.More and more people have come to realize the huge negative effects of the metasomes, which may directly impact those paranoid metasomes industry.Shares of Facebook’s parent company Mate have fallen more than 26% by the close of trading after plummeting in the US market.It was the biggest drop in U.S. stock market history, shedding more than $237 billion in value.According to Meta’s fourth-quarter 2021 earnings report, the “reality Lab” division of Meta’s space business posted an operating loss of more than $10 billion, or 63.6 billion yuan.