The fifth day of the New Year open for business!More important than welcoming the god of wealth

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Today is the fifth day of the first lunar month, commonly known as “Po Wu”, after this day, many folk taboos can be broken, it is a festival to ward off evil spirits, get rid of disasters, welcome good fortune and good luck.Our ancients believed that the fifth day of the first lunar month for the “birthday of the God of wealth”, on this day to sacrifice the god of wealth.According to old customs, shops of all sizes would close at the beginning of the New Year, and on the fifth day of the first lunar month, every family would reopen.Welcome the God of wealth, open a market to welcome the “God of wealth” more to welcome the “safety” shops to strengthen daily fire safety management one, life management to separate unified planning of the shop facade, do not set up personnel accommodation and other places;Village residents’ self-built houses exist “under the shop on the house, before the shop after the house” situation, the operating area and living area should use fire partition wall, fire partition, fire door, etc., for complete separation.2. The evacuation channel should be unblocked. Do not block the evacuation escape channel and lock the safety exit in the shop.When rolling curtain doors, iron fences and anti-theft nets are installed on the evacuation escape channels and external Windows, an escape hatch that can be opened from the inside shall be reserved.The living and accommodation areas shall be equipped with safety exits that direct to outdoor areas.Three, the use of fire and electricity to standardize the use of fire and electricity to strengthen the care, so that people go out of fire, power off;Electrical lines should be laid by professional electricians, do not secretly pull disorderly wiring, do not overload the use of electricity, not in the house for electric car charging, especially do not coviciously buy cheap use of fake and shoddy electrical products and wiring boards.4. Fire fighting facilities should be in good condition. Shops equipped with fire fighting facilities such as alarm and spray should be checked and tested frequently to ensure that they are complete and easy to use.Shop operation units or property management departments should entrust qualified companies to carry out fire protection facilities maintenance;If a self-built house is used as a business place, it shall be equipped with simple fire control facilities, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and other common fire control equipment to reduce fire risk as far as possible.After The New Year’s Eve, the second wave of fireworks will be set off.In order to prevent fireworks from flying into balconies and Windows to cause fires, henan fire warning the general public to close the balcony Windows.Do not set off fireworks as far as possible. If you must set off fireworks, please go to a centralized setting off place and pay attention to safety.Source: Henan Fire Department