Pay treasure flower bai borrows bai exceed the time limit, how to negotiate delay reimbursement?

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Due to various reasons, some of my friends overdue, unable to fully repay, want to postpone repayment.Contact customer service can not find out why, and then continue to collect, very annoying.Today to share with you the method of spending bai borrow bai deferred repayment, alipay’s spending bai borrow bai net business loan in theory overdue can be deferred repayment, in order to reduce your repayment pressure.The specific operation flow is three steps.First, call the official customer service number of Alipay 95188.Do not communicate with the person that urges you reimbursement, the person that urges you reimbursement, his purpose is to let you return money, he himself obtains commission, say he is impossible to communicate normally with you certainly so negotiate.After connecting with the official customer service, show us the reason for the delay.For example, I lost my job, fell ill in hospital, started a business that failed, lost my income and so on. These are objective and practical reasons.Second, show our repayment intention, this point is very key.Now some of the debtors, do not know from where to learn the bad habit, or is affected by some bad people, to owe money as a great thing, but also as his uncle, and customer communication when that is bossy, even the mouth is not clean.Here a word of advice, we can not be such a person, three views to be positive.It is natural for us to repay our debts. We are really in trouble and can’t pay them back, but at least we have an attitude.I have to take it even if it sounds bad, because it’s my fault in the first place, isn’t it?I owe someone money a few years ago, and they called me and they were rude. What can I do?Isn’t it?So, to be reasonable, it’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of character, right?When communicating with customer service, you have a good attitude and willingness to repay, and it is relatively easy to get their support.No one will like a person who owes money and is rude to others.At this time, I explained to the customer service that for some reason, my income is no longer available, or my income has decreased, and I want to negotiate a repayment plan. I am very sincere, but I just said that I cannot pay it off at once.Third, submit some supporting materials.When you communicate with customer service, what you say is to be realistic. For example, if you have lost your job and you have no income, you must have relevant proof.That you are unemployed, you can submit the staff member of pay treasure of a few proof material that leaves an unit, let them go examining and verifying, if true, that basically can pass application.At present, the loan can be extended for one to three years, while the online loan can be extended for one to five years.If the negotiation is successful, it will greatly relieve the pressure on our debtors to repay the debt.During this extended period, there will be no collection harassment and no prosecution, because you have reached a settlement that is acceptable to both parties.In this way, you can work and earn money.If you earn more money during this period, you can apply for prepayment.About spending bai borrows bai net business borrows deferred repayment, today is introduced here.Understand the friends remember to like, forward, but also to help people in need.Reprinted from our official account: 51worry Debt Planning