Legend of MIR II: “Golden Warrior” has these three rare equipment, is out of print!

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If most people like any color nowadays, it must be gold, for example, to buy mobile phones to buy the color of “tuhao gold”, all kinds of background should be changed to gold.This hobby model is also trending in games.Many equipment in the Legend of Mir ii not only have good properties, but also very cool appearance.Among them are some shiny gold looking outfits.Warrior professional Lao Dao today to tell you is out of the internal work before the version of those equipment, played the old players can recall.There are a lot of gold as the main tone in these equipment, such as crazy thunder equipment, king equipment.But how can such a large number of equipment be on the table?Definitely choose something extraordinary.For example, today Lao Dao wants to share with you the “golden warrior” outfit, is a combination of three rare equipment, is now out of print.Following Lao Dao’s pictures, we come together to taste these out-of-print equipment.Gold Helmet The name of the gold helmet shows how high-end the material is, except for the color, it looks exactly like the black iron helmet.Gold helmets look more powerful, classy and have better stats than black helmets.Material The gold helmet was upgraded, and only the black iron helmet (the best) could be upgraded.It’s a little bit complicated.First hand in both the Black Iron Helmet (Seal) and the platforming quest scroll to the Seal, who will help you identify the best black Iron helmet.The gold helmet can be upgraded if it is identified as a black iron helmet (excellent) and has the raw material, and then adds the specific material (as shown in the image above), although the success rate is not 100%.The players with the golden helmets were so eye-catching that they had admirers everywhere they went.Run thunder jewelry three second, run thunder jewelry when the official service update out of three sets of new equipment, respectively: the warriors run thunder set, the master’s anger flame set, and Taoist aurora set.It’s all relatively rare jewelry.Lao Dao remembers the stolen aurora jewelry, which is really beautiful.Among them, the soldiers rush thunder jewelry is thunder jewelry and gold appearance.Ben Thunder ring but with Ben thunder is not need to use thunder jewelry, with a fire marble + to synthesize Ben Thunder jewelry + a seal jewelry or has solved the seal jewelry has the opportunity to synthesize Ben Thunder jewelry.It’s up to your luck whether it works or not, and the attributes of Ben Thunder jewelry are not the same, some are better than ares equipment attributes, and some are not as good as jihad jewelry.Those big guy players in order to synthesize a set of high attributes rush thunder jewelry also need very strong strength to go.Ben Thunder hands worth mentioning is that the Ben Thunder necklace has the opportunity to appear lucky +2 attributes, this is also legendary history of relatively rare lucky necklace.Lao Dao has seen warriors wearing the thunder necklace of YUN 2, it is not only arrogant, it is really unique.Gold weapon third, gold ruling three professional gold weapon, legend of each big server immediately hot up, this kind of golden props really let a person like.However, these gold suits are also limited edition, as they can be obtained after the consumption of 2000 yuan in a specific event.That year is also big guy players to get, scattered players can only continue to eat melon.Gold outfit collocation above these 3 kinds of rare equipment are legendary out-of-print equipment, collocation comes out of the “gold outfit warrior” is very domineer, as shown above.Ladies and gentlemen, have you seen any of this out-of-print equipment before?For more content, follow Doc Legend