CBA player ability value, Xu Jie 83, Wu Qian 90, Allen 95 ranked second, the first unexpected

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Developers based on NBA2K20 patch, developed a CBA2K21, which has all the CBA players, the author is quite serious, knead face technology is first-class, very many CBA players face knead very realistic, high similarity.The developers also attach a certain ability value to the players based on their performance in the domestic arena.These ability values, in general, are relatively consistent with the reality, except for a few exaggerations. After all, it is only a game for players. In reality, the ability of CBA players in the eyes of various fans is different, so it cannot be generalized.CBA2k21 ability value, Xu Jie 83, Zhao Jiwei 89, Yi Jianlian only 88, Gao Shiyan 85, Guo Alun and Hu Jinqiu although the ability value at the same time reached 95, but the first is not them.First, Xu Jie’s ability value is 83, IQ value is as high as 95 Xu Jie in the domestic arena is commendable, in the international arena also has a highlight of the performance, in his body can always see the seeds of inspiration, not only affects his own, but also inspired thousands of fans.Xu jie has an ability value of 83, which feels a bit low compared to his current role in the team.Statistically, Xu Jie is not particularly good, but his ability to see the big picture and read the game on the court, his ability value can also be improved.However, Xu Jie’s IQ value is as high as 95. Xu Jie is actually the brain of the team on the field. As an organizational point guard, his on-court reading ability is excellent, and he has good performance in both the organizational and offensive ends.Second, Zhao Jiwei’s ability value is only 89, but Ji Wei’s IQ is as high as 96. Zhao Jiwei is only 89, zhao Jiwei’s ability is in the first echelon of CBA league, and there is no problem in all aspects of ability. However, Zhao Jiwei’s overall weak performance in international matches may be the reason for his low ability.However, Zhao Jiwei’s IQ value is as high as 96, which is very high. As the brain of the team, Zhao Jiwei’s organizational ability is very excellent, which is also an affirmation of him.Yi jianlian’s ability value is 88, but his leadership value is 95. Yi jianlian’s ability value is lower than Zhao Jiwei’s, only 88, there is a reason for this, the developers have increased yi yi’s leadership value, his leadership value is 95.Yi is the leader and flag-bearer of Chinese men’s basketball team, and the value of the leader must be high.Fourth, High shiyan ability value of 85, high shiyan steal value of 93 high Shiyan ability value of 85, high shiyan is the absolute core guard of shandong team, this season directly into a model, diligent, dare to fight, is a very good player.Fifth, Guo Alun and Hu Jinqiu ability value is 95, but Guo Alun dribble value of 98 Guo Alun and Hu Jinqiu ability value at the same time reached 95, Guo Alun is the domestic top guard, ability is beyond doubt, will not be repeated.Guo Allen’s dribble value is 98, guo Allen’s dribble ability is indeed strong, and dribble is more attractive to watch, but sometimes the fans will be called flashy dribble, easy to miss the opportunity to attack.Hu Jinqiu is also the first echelon player in China. As the captain of Guangzhou Team, he is conscientious and hard-working, leading the team to the final four, and has certain championship ability.His ability is up to 95, which is good for him.Hu chin-chu has a good chance to win MVP this season based on his current play.Sixth, Wu Qian and Tao Hanlin’s ability value is as high as 90, the highest rebounding is Tao Hanlin 92, Wu Qian is as high as 90, Wu Qian is the MVP of last season, get this honor, many fans are not convinced.Wu Qian is the absolute core guard of Zhejiang team, his ability is obvious to all, especially his hard work, in the offensive end, Wu Qian’s performance is very good.In particular, he has a hand accurate three-point shot, scoring ability is strong.But Wu qian has a more fatal weakness, as long as he is guarded by the other side, the basic loss of breakthrough ability, the fighting strength of the whole team will decline sharply.Tao Hanlin and Wu Qian, the ability value is 90, Tao Hanlin is one of the hardest players in CBA, there is no way, shandong team bench lineup a little shallow, inside gate Tao Hanlin can only struggle alone.In addition, the most accurate three-point shot is shanxi’s Yuan Shuai, 89, the highest rebounding is Tao Hanlin 92, Wang Zhelin under the basket attack 93.As a center player, Zhou Qi’s ability is among the top in China. But now Zhou Qi doesn’t get along well with his old team xinjiang, so he has to go to Australia to find opportunities and pursue his dream of NBA.