Why are men increasingly resistant to second marriages?

2022-05-25 0 By

Now this society full of temptation, a lot of marriage can not go to the end, too many halfway died, ordinary people so, so is the star, no wonder.Although the sex ratio is more men than women, but now there are many single men more and more hate second marriage women, would rather be single, also do not want second marriage women, why is this?Second marriage women shameless show off everyone now may be no wonder, before the divorce of men and women feel ashamed, are embarrassed to say, but now the divorce of women not only bashful to say, but also high-profile show off.Have you ever seen a woman host on a variety of short video platforms, holding a divorce certificate in her hand, and then open bidding for marriage?We don’t care if the divorce is real or not, I just want to ask you, girl, are you not even going to lose your face?The bride price of the second marriage is higher than that of the second marriage women, because there was a marriage, perhaps the first marriage was too kind, the bride price did not want too much, for love to get married, but from once, they see through life.All the hatred to the former husband all imposed on the current, MY bride price must be, my first marriage is because of love to less bride price, the result is not divorced?I’m looking for a betrothal gift, less than a point is not good, eat a loss, can not lose.Second-married women denigrate their ex-friends. When you ask divorced women, why did you get divorced?She opened her mouth and said it was all her ex-husband’s bad, never her bad, all to slander the former little hotshot.If you marry a second woman, she’ll talk about her ex, and one day, you, too.Original author @ Northeast leng Tou Qing