“The world” 27, 28 set: Nannan know the truth, Luo Shibin take 100 thousand bought bingyi

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The main villain in the story of “The World”, Luo Shibin, finally makes his move in episode 27.The twenty-seventh set: Luo Shibin in order to go back to Nannan, to bing Yi sent 100 thousand yuan, I hope Zhou Bingyi dont interfere in Nannan, be bing Yi directly back.This recruit curve rob son method can say really, Zhou Bingkun was only took less than two thousand yuan to buy a house, LuoShiBin out 100000 bought directly, see LuoShiBin to take back the child how much determination, also from a certain perspective, LuoShiBin really is very rich, rich beyond Zhou Bingkun too much,He should be worth more than a few bucks on his own.After Zhou Bingyi refused, Luo Shibin did not shrink back, he also contacted Yao Lisong and water artesian two people, the emergence of water artesian let Zheng Juan felt afraid, has been told nannan dont talk to strangers.Zheng Juan is too weak, she saw the bad guy’s first reaction is to want to hide, but how can she hide away, hiding to hide can only prolong the pain of time, Nan Nan no matter who raised, in fact, zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun feelings are not any effect, but to consider the feelings of the elderly and children at home.Qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao seven years itch divorce, Zheng Juan also heart sense of crisis, test bingkun on his feelings, but nothing, the mood is more low.Cao Debao seems to be in marriage has been in a passive state, this is Qiao Chunyan too strong about, Cao Debao should hate in countless night why you had to play, it can use level in appearance, to apply the damn charm, but more should thank married Qiao Chunyan night, at the time of that era, there is a strong woman in the home,Often the day will be very good, what must be strong male and female weak, who has a prosperous who cattle.The twenty-eighth set: water artefact or found nannan’s school, his life and Luo Shibin plan to arrange him to study abroad told him, Nannan body and mind was strongly shocked.Nannan through the water artesian know the truth, it is really difficult to judge the relationship between water artesian and Luo Shibin two people in what position, water artesian gives people a very strange feeling, can not say where uncomfortable, is that he felt in the position is very awkward.No matter from luo Shibin which party or Zheng Juan which party, water artesian should not help any one of them, to know, not Zheng Juan to keep a secret, water artesian had gone with Tu Zhiqiang, in a sense, Zheng Juan is the benefactor of water artesian.Water artefacts find Zhou Bingkun, cleverly told him the plan of Luo Shibin, Zhou Bingkun shocked, eager to know zheng Juan’s attitude and nannan’s choice.Zheng Juan in a rage will Sun Xiaoning love bingkun told him, zhou Bingkun but zheng Juan caught wind, not the first time to find Luo Shibin nannan told him and angry.This is the first time Zheng Juan ignition, actually Zhou Bingkun is also very surprise, thought you know Zheng Juan is a very clever little cat, but also filled with tigers at heart, look at ordinary times Zheng Juan quietly, also want to do your own household chores, she what all understand, just because of the existence of nannan, she always feel low Zhou Bingkun wait.Zhou Bingkun actually redundant asked Zheng Juan’s attitude, there is no sense, want to stay stay, want to go let him go, but Zhou Bingkun is the most like the father of the child, what all understand, is anxious up temper is very angry, so there will be a lot of misunderstanding.Children grow up, will make their own choice, Zhou Bingkun complained about his father to oneself does not recognise, but did not find, Zhou Bingkun Zhou Fu actually taught him a lot of human reason, and also taught their children to get along with, Zhou Bingkun was the small achievements obtained from, he really should stop to think about the future road, or it will make a big mistake.An opportunity to study abroad, a rich father, a similar family and foster father, an honest mother, how will Nannan choose?Nannan could not escape the blood relationship, and could not completely avoid Luo Shibin. In fact, she should try her best to get material things from Luo Shibin to make up for Zhou Bingkun, which might be the best way to repay.All said too familiar with the bad together, like Zhou Bingkun and Qiao Chunyan, then know the truth of The Nannan feng Yue as a sister?How real is the TV show “The World”