The New Year’s Eve dinner of hunan people is like this. Friend: Are you sure there is no mistake?

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Guide language: the Hunan person that does not have hot not huan, New Year’s eve dinner is this appearance, friend: did not make a mistake certainly?The New Year’s Eve dinner of a family of 5 in Hunan province finally paid off in three hours, my friend:Much better than last year on New Year’s eve dinner, in the heart of every Chinese, has a pivotal position, is the happy family once a year, is also known as the “family reunion dinner”, also known as “family”, is the whole family sitting together, enjoy delicious side, side chat about the family, someone is on the husband’s family to eat dinner, somebody is in the bride’s family to eat dinner, there are people on both sides is run,There are also people who eat dinner in their own small homes, such as ours.This year is our third year preparing dinner by herself, the previous year’s family reunion dinner is such a long, last year’s family reunion dinner is such a long, early in the dinner menu listed this year and get out of bed after purchasing ingredients, preparing to cook a 5 mouth together to battle, almost spent three hours of time, after the table as usual, “mobile phone” to eat.Not bad. Three hours of frantic frantic work paid off.After the photo was shared on wechat, it drew comments from friends: “Hunan people, who have no taste for spicy food, have dinner like this on New Year’s Eve. Are you sure there is no mistake?But the meat and vegetable reasonable, really better than last year!Ha ha, maybe according to her understanding, hunan people’s New Year’s Eve dinner must be full of spicy food is qualified, did not expect, our family’s New Year’s Eve dinner only 1-2 spicy food, the rest are light taste, no wonder with friends in the mind of Hunan food is different.Dried vegetable steamed pork with this dish, love the family, is almost every year, this year did not buy semi-rotted vegetables, but with our local pickles replaced, it is the same, the first bubble to stretch, cut into small pieces, then cut into squares with tiger streaky seasonings together, finally will colocasia piece of Fried Fried and spicy and not be broken, together on the pot steamed one hour,Turn it over and sprinkle it with scallions. It looks good. If you have a little too much, it doesn’t matter if you can’t finish it, so that you can have more every year.Spiced beef marinated this dish is processed in advance, beef or from the big sister home, plus a plastic bag after blanch boil, then simmer for 30 minutes, after bubble on juice, before eating out slices, rich fragrance, scrambles to eat to also go, if you want add some simple a Fried green peppers and celery, orders not too well.Four xi balls used this dish balls is an early ready, the whole is made up of 12 years old elder brother, from the minced meat, cut the horseshoe, seasoning, stir, fry meat balls, bit by bit, the direction of less golden Fried after appearance, taste tender in crisp outside, Q play chewy, big guy is agreed that the craft as adults.People in Hunan must have braised tofu during the Spring Festival, either steamed or braised. Tofu braised meat is also a good sign of abundance and abundance. When seasoning, you can add some Lao Gan Ma, which has a little spicy taste and tastes salty and delicious.Braised grass carp was originally planned to make braised bream, the result was that I went to buy fish this morning, and there was no fresh bream, so I had to replace it with grass carp, weighing 2kg, looking a little big, right? Wash and pickle, and then fry it until golden on both sides, seasoning after braised in brown, sprinkle some coriander and scallion, the taste is super great.Chop pepper fried chicken feet this is a necessary “catch money claw”, compared with the pig elbow, the production of chicken feet is more flexible, but also not so greasy, look, this time only fried a small plate, with chopped pepper ginger, celery and garlic sprout fragrance overflow, spicy and not dry, after the table is the first dish of the first disc.But found in didn’t give it eat your nails, ha ha, careless about the ~ onion braised prawn hometown without the sea, seafood, the most common is the shrimp, the do is children’s favorite green braised prawns, wash after pour into the pan, add onion ginger garlic braised, then released, oyster sauce seasoning, sprinkle with chopped green onion can, under the premise of the pan on the table after salty sweet flavor,Personally, it tastes better than steamed.The recipe of this dessert is very simple. There are only 5 people in my family, 2 big and 3 small, so the rice is not big, so the amount of dishes is also controlled. I only cook a small bowl of lotus seed soup, using lotus seeds, lily, tremella and rock sugar to make a simple gelatinous.Celery Fried peanuts was originally planned to use the western celery Fried peanuts, hunan snow did not buy the celery, had to use celery to fry, less crunchy taste, but sweet, seem eerily, stewed flavor of peanuts taste in advance of waxy waxy flour powder, with fresh celery Fried together, with delicious and solution of greasy.Eating lettuce in Oyster sauce during the Spring Festival means “making wealth”, which means a good sign for the New Year. Blanch the lettuce to control the dry water and put it on a plate, then heat the oil in a pot, put sugar, oyster sauce, garlic and a little water to make a sauce, and pour it over the top. The crisp, sweet and delicious taste is much better than fried directly.Fried chrysanthemum chrysanthemum this dish is also temporary change, first is to fry the heart, get up in the morning after the snow, did not pick the heart of the dish, but bought a special fresh chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, come back to take a small handful, cut to the old stem, add more garlic, stir fry, crisp and fresh taste, taste great.Quail egg beancurd bamboo ham soup This time, there is no meat, only quail egg, beancurd bamboo, and ham sausage, did not think of red, white and yellow with a little green coriander, looks very attractive, eat light and nutritious, than the previous greasy soup will be much better.Conclusion: The above are the 12 dishes of our New Year’s Eve dinner for 5 members of our family. Only 2 dishes are spicy, and the rest are all without chili. 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