Qujiang Ronghua University in the city live up to a long waiting, the wind huashengqi

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Every city has a land of vision for the future, as a new name card of the city’s image and a new engine of development, leading the city to a better direction of development.Every city core has a work of the new era, as the cover power of reshaping the city.After time carving, live up to a city waiting.On February 19, the opening ceremony of The jinghe New Town seiko model room of Qujiang Ronghua Xuexue was successfully held. Witnessed by mainstream media and elites, the curtain of the new era of human settlement was opened for Jinghe New Town, and the magnificent encounter of texture and aesthetic feast was opened for the city.On the morning of The 19th, the ceremony opened gracefully with the graceful violin playing.Representatives of major media from Xi ‘an attended the event to witness this brilliant moment.The leaders of Qujiang Ronghua Xuefu Zhongcheng Project Company expressed their sincere thanks to the guests, and elaborated on the state-owned enterprise brand, the product concept of Xuefu Zhongcheng Project and the better life vision created by the project.Media on behalf of the founder of the west salty housing after coach always profound interpretation as a state-level new district – west salty new city one of the five groups of many new town, in the big xi ‘an north across the strategic development opportunity, relying on the trillion-dollar industrial corridor, build new industrial center, perfect adjustment change, at the same time, urban infrastructure supporting constantly improve, has become the new home buyers.In this era, there are always a number of pioneers, ahead of The Times, leading the continuous renewal of the city.Just as the marketing director of Xuefu Zhongcheng Project said, as a pioneer of urban construction, Guojiang Qujiang Construction co., Ltd. co-prosperity with Greater Xi ‘an, with strength and vision, and promotes the future together with The Times.Qujiang construction, based on the strategic pattern of greater Xi ‘an and the sewing-work concept of the state-owned giant, lives up to the expectations of the land and the name of the national artisan, in the CLD core of Jinghe New Town, reshaps the coordinates of human settlement in The Times and upgrades the imagination of urban life.= The project is close to the main artery of Chama Avenue, only about 600 meters away from the core landscape area of Jinghe River, and it is only a 10-minute walk away, embracing the regional essence of supporting resources.It takes about 20 minutes to reach the main city, Xi ‘an North Passenger Station and Xi ‘an Xianyang International Airport.Located at the bank of about 17.5km riverside landscape belt, it is surrounded by three major parks, namely, Ten thousand mu Jinghe Wetland Park, thousand mu Jinghe Flower Sea and Yingzhou Park. It takes about 10 minutes to enter the natural heart.The third School of Jinghe New Town is only separated by a wall. Within 5 kilometers, there are also famous schools such as Huanggang Jinghe School, Jinghe New Town No.1 Middle School and Jinghe New Town No.2 School.Lehua Happy World, Jing ‘an Hui Ole Park, Jinghe New City Sports Center carrier level support, in charge of half an hour one-stop living circle.With the development of the city, the cover works leading The Times are more needed.Xuecheng city, as a pioneer, sees the future in the city core and shapes the living products of The Times.Step up, stroll in the seiko model room of Xuexiu, take in the creative aesthetics of innovation in the future.The project inherited the qujiang construction cost, regardless of the cost of the Quality of the national artisan, whether it is the whole system of the house are north-south transparent fully Ming pattern, or at least three south wide chaoyang design;Whether it is the money saving labor and worry saving fully decorated delivery balcony, or equipped with private cloakroom, independent bathroom luxury master bedroom;Whether it is the appearance level system for creating space atmosphere and scene, the storage system for the efficient expansion of the whole house, or the function system created by high-quality brands, and the intelligent system focusing on convenience and comfort, every space, every moving line, every detail and every consideration is a tribute to the future quality of life.Under the guidance of the staff, the guests visited in an orderly way and experienced the unique living concept of the university.Or stop to taste, or walk around, the sound of conversation, praise, more enthusiastic expectations for a better future.In addition, the project with fashionable and simple public facade, three-way homing ceremony sequence, one axis of multi-courtyard landscape planning, shaping a high-quality life community, and will be selected rongxin Property management services, courtesy for a better life.From expectation to blossom, Qujiang Ronghua University City is now in front of us.The model room not only announces the arrival of a new era of human settlements in jinghe New Town, a new center in the north of Xi ‘an, the creation of quality coordinates and the transformation of life mode, but also presents a feast of human settlements ahead of The Times with the attitude of leading the development direction of living mode in the north of the city.With a floor area of 92-137 square meters, the Campus of Central University will be launched soon, please look forward to it!