Quick Wear to Save the Black Boss And he’s such a pervert!

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Hello everyone!Recently and quietly into the book shortage situation, as an old fan xiaobian this is also condescending.Today xiaobian continue to introduce good novels to small friends, let the book fans see addicted friends do not sleep!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Today xiaobian to recommend: “Quick wear to save black boss male hero” save black male hero and he is so abnormal!”Quick wear of save black boss male hero” author: circle into a group of introductions: “quick wear of save black boss male hero” save black male hero and he is so abnormal!To regain new life, Shen Mu white set foot on to save male advocate in the avenue of deep suffering.Tang’s monk experience ninety-nine eighty-one difficult finally obtained the true classics, and she shen mu white but give oneself whole person pit go in.Shen Mubai:…Are men always this sick?Into the pit guide: Shen Mu white immediately climbed up from the arms of Huo Jun cold, also did not forget to ask the system, “what is the matter ah system?Why would I sleep in a man’s arms? I’m so scared.”The system says, “Don’t panic, maybe he’s afraid you’re sneaking away.”Shen Mu white thought, feel the system said very reasonable, so soon calm down.The members of the power group also woke up one by one, at this time, finally guard Shen Changqing came in from the outside.”It’s strange, there aren’t many zombies around, but there are a few here and there, but I haven’t seen a single one since last night.”Shen Changqing said with a thoughtful look on his face.Anning, who was packing, looked up at this and said, “Captain, does this prove that there aren’t so many zombies in the city anymore?”Shen Changqing felt that things are not so simple, “I think something is wrong, today go out to find gasoline and supplies, incidentally can observe the situation in D City now.”At breakfast, Huo junhan did not touch the food.Huo Jun cold body aura is too strong, but also because of the other side of the reason, Shen Changqing several people also dare not casually talk, can only secretly pressure the heart of doubt and puzzled.Shen Mu white nature also know what they are thinking about, but she can do, she is also very desperate.The system says to her, “So when are you going to get it?”Shen Mu white is eating something, hear the words of the system vague back way, “I also don’t know.”System, “…”The men plan to leave D City as soon as they can find supplies, driving all the way up, trying to avoid where the zombies are gathering.Now the most nervous is gasoline, so Shen Changqing they are going to go to the remote small gas station to try their luck.As for why you don’t go to the big gas stations, of course it’s because those are one of the zombie hotspots.A few people will stop the car in a small gas station, alert alert of the observation of the situation around, in the discovery of nothing wrong before getting off the car.This small gas station is very quiet and lonely, the disorderly things on the ground with the wind gave out a small sound.As the captain of Shen Changqing walked in front, and then looked back to just want to do a gesture, stunned.”Mr…And master?”His hushed voice was a little low.Shen Mu white turned back, just at the end of the male master at this time has disappeared.Supposedly, like this without permission to leave the team members will generally get everyone’s dissatisfaction and condemnation, perhaps because Huo Junhan gives a person the feeling is too strong, Shen Changqing several people not only did not blame dissatisfaction, but a sigh of relief.Shen Mubai, “…”Is it really good for you to be so obvious?(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. What else would you like to read?You can comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, looking forward to your comments.After the love affair, she saw the scattered papers and trembled uncontrollably: You, you want to divorce me?She was worried and held him tight. “No!Don’t go!I’ll be good…”He threw her on the sofa and she screamed, No!