Public welfare “script killing” : Industry evolution needs such exploration

2022-05-25 0 By

Young people are keen on the “script killing”, full of novel, suspense, psychological game.But at a liscript killing offline store in Jinjiang district, Chengdu city, a new “liscript killing” is very special.Not only is the subject matter special, but so is the first cast.More importantly, participate in a “butterfly” “play kill”, can donate 20 yuan for children in leukemia plight.The immersive experience of “social + game” brought by “script killing” is favored by many young people.However, the nascent industry has also been criticized for its low entry barrier, lack of censorship and inadequate copyright protection, according to media reports.The industry is faced with panning, how to break through the “script kill” has become an important issue that the industry needs to think about.It is refreshing to see this kind of public welfare “screenkilling”, which undoubtedly refreshes people’s understanding of screenkilling.Medical staff participate in “script killing” butterfly.According to the report, the script “kill” good looks very full, first is the theme of the public, and at the center of the first domestic children’s hospice care – is located in changsha, hunan “butterfly house” in the critically ill children, from their illness traveled to loving people silently pay care as the prototype, the story of tells the story of human emotions and human changes in temperature;The first “play killing” participants were 7 medical staff from the Children’s Hematology/Oncology Ward of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. They wanted to let more people know about children’s blood diseases through the performance and help children with leukemia raise funds for public welfare.As a result, this kind of “playbook killing” can not only raise money for charity, but also enable consumers to re-understand health and public welfare through personal experience.The “script killing” story contains not only the health aspect, but also the public welfare aspect.For each participant, this kind of “script killing” can not only experience health education, but also be inspired by public welfare.In other words, this kind of public welfare “script killing” carries more functions and values.”Screenkilling” is attracting more and more young people because of its experience, sociability and playfulness.The addition of “screenkilling + public welfare” has enriched the connotation and characteristics of “screenkilling”, which has also brought many inspirations to the evolution and development of “screenkilling” industry.In reality, there are many touching stories about health, public welfare, education and other aspects. If all of them can be used as prototypes in “Screenkilling”, it will also broaden the genre of “screenkilling”.This not only needs “script kill” scriptwriter, operator to open the way of thinking, rich creation theme type, but also needs the support and encouragement from relevant parties.From the perspective of demand, young people should not only play “script killing” for entertainment, but also experience and feel more valuable and meaningful things through participating in “script killing”.When consumer demand appropriately shifts to health, public welfare, education, etc., it can also lead to the diversification of screenkilling and increase the vitality of screenkilling.Data show that in 2021, the market size of China’s script killing industry has reached 17.02 billion yuan, and is expected to increase to 23.89 billion yuan by 2022.During the outbreak period, the “play-killing” industry needs to be guided upward for good. Whether it is “play-killing + public welfare” or “play-killing + education”, these are the injection of fresh elements under the reshuffle, and are beneficial exploration for the development of the play-killing industry.Author Hai Ning editor Wang Yintao Red Star comment submission email: (download red Star news, report awards!)