“Nengneng’s invitation to worship ancestors,” a bear IP emojis in the hometown of the Yellow Emperor, was launched

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Recently, the yellow Emperor’s hometown has the first bear IP image “Neng Neng ancestor worship invitation” series of emojis on the wechat shelves, cute and clever looks, rich and diverse body language, once online has been favored by the majority of netizens.In ancient times, in a big war, the human hero “Shaodian” saved the “able grandpa” at a critical moment.After the verification of God Spring, “grandpa” and “Shaodian” concluded a contract, formed a partner of life and death.Since then, in times of crisis during the war, Shao Dian has always been helped by the bear tribe. Among them, there is a saying “we have bears”.Over time, Shaodian changed his clan name to “Youxiong clan”.According to the “Yuan Yellow Emperor culture accumulation is very deep, the historical culture should pay attention to the excavation and use, back to the source, find the root, find the soul” spirit of the instructions, speak good Yellow River culture, yellow Emperor culture story, let the yellow Emperor image, yellow Emperor spirit approached the grassroots, into the hearts of the people, geng continued national root vein,By henan province non-material cultural heritage protection center, xinzheng: scenic spot: the ac, henan cultural research association of guidance, root and gleaning team creativity research and development of the yellow emperor culture series “have bear story picture books” can be taking xuanyuan, nonyl Yin will be held from the hometown of the yellow emperor worship ancestors festival officially published,Nengneng, the first IP image of a bear, will also be unveiled as the hometown of the Yellow Emperor.The origin of the name “Nengneng” : In ancient mythology, there was a bear clan and the yellow Emperor tribe “Youxiong family” concluded a covenant, “bear” and “can” are linked, the research and development team endowed the hero with a lively, clever, powerful high eq with the clever image of a baby bear, fold the word to add lovely attributes, so it was named “Nengneng”.Nengneng is the third generation of the shenxiong clan and Youxiong clan. The research team sets Nengneng as the hero of the myth and legend between the huangdi (Youxiong clan), the ancestor of humanity, and Youxiong tribe.The “Neng Neng Ancestor Worship Date” emoji pack is based on the Asian black bear and inspired by ancient legends and myths. Its cute and honest images with positive energy will add more bright colors to the ancestor worship ceremony in the hometown of The Yellow Emperor in the year of Nonyin.Can eyebrows with xiong, mutatis mutandis, the deformation of the lower part of the symbol and totem, he has a thick collars and represent the longhair of divinity, the icon of “old” beauty tip “, his chest and a white hair and a half months, chest in power after the growth of grain, and roots as extending down from the heart connected to the earth.”To his invitation” full expression package according to the national non-material cultural heritage development project: yellow emperor worship ancestors sacrifice and worship at his nine agenda: shengshi salute, flower basket, clean hands shakily, line ready and read worship, worship ceremony, singing carols, dancing to worship, prayer the, earth, and has carried on the creative design respectively,The purpose is to establish a more integrated emotional channel between “Youxiong Nengneng” and the ceremony of ancestor worship in the hometown of The Yellow Emperor. Starting from the perspective of “Nengneng”, the cub of the ancient god bear, the audience is led to personally feel the process of ancestor worship and experience the event.The painting style is light and solemn, and the accompanying text is humorous and joyful. There is no limit in the temple or village, and it can be used in daily life.Source: Beijing Daily client