Lantern Festival, the horse field police station to carry out a big inventory action

2022-05-25 0 By

In order to ensure the stability of social security during the Lantern Festival, on the evening of February 15, dafang County Public Security Bureau horse chang police station carried out a public security inspection in the area, comprehensive investigation and resolve all kinds of risks and hidden dangers, to create a peaceful and peaceful festival atmosphere.In the action, the police in-depth area KTV, hotels, Internet cafes and other places to carry out a big check: whether there is “related to pornography, gambling, drug” and other illegal criminal activities;Carefully check whether the fire extinguisher is safe and effective, whether the configuration is complete, whether the fire hydrant is aging and whether the fire channel is smooth;Check whether the hotel check-in personnel real-name registration, through checking the register and face-to-face verification and other measures to verify, inventory.Police were dispatched 4 times to check 13 places and more than 20 people.Through this inventory action, standardized the management order of business places under the jurisdiction, so that employees enhance the awareness of prevention, eliminate a number of hidden dangers of public security, from the source to contain the occurrence of all kinds of social security incidents, enhance the sense of security of the masses, for the people under the jurisdiction to create a safe and peaceful festival atmosphere.Editor: Yue Shihai